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3 Most Stylish Professional Cyclists

Riding a bike is an art form that requires equal amounts of power and strength as it does elegance and style. Although there are some cycling uniforms and active wear out there that aren’t the most flattering, on the whole cycling can be a very stylish pastime.

To be stylish when riding one must be relaxed in a confident position on the machine and operate the pedals with a smooth cadence to create an illusion of suppleness, which is to conceal great power behind fluidity. As well as that, style can be derived by accessories and what is worn, such as how well they suit their shorts, jersey and protective helmets. With that being said, here are three of the most stylish cyclists to have ever graced the sport.

David Millar

David Millar was an iconic cyclist during his career, mainly because of his fantastic performance in the time trials and being the first ever British rider to hold the leader’s jersey in all three Grand Tours. What elevates him further is his amazing grace and form when riding, which is attributed to how he was able to lock his body into a perfectly tucked, aerodynamic shape and crucially hold it until the end of a race.

David Millar was also a very stylish man off the bike, avoiding the unflattering merchandise of his racing team and instead opting for nice clothes. He retired in 2014, having been consistently backed to win by those who engaged in cycling betting and has since launched his own line of cycling gear, which as expected combines practicality with style.

Laurent Fignon

Mr Fignon is perhaps most famous in sporting terms due to how he surrendered the 1989 Tour de France to Greg LeMond despite leading the race until its final stage, losing out by the smallest of margins. However, if he wasn’t known for this, then it was definitely his classic look that made him a well-known name in the cycling industry.

Fignon sported on most races a frankly outrageous combination of a ponytail, patterned headband with funky colorus, and even clear spectacles, creating an iconic look that made him instantly recognisable. He pulled the look off too, although he was riding in the 80s so it potentially wasn’t as eye catching as it is now.

Fignon adds to his style by accompanying it with a razor sharp mind and clever wit, best demonstrated by his response to a person recognising him as the guy the who lost the Tour de France by eight seconds, where he replied: “No, monsieur, I’m the guy who won it twice.”

Hugo Koblet

Hugo Koblet had genetics to thank for becoming one of the most stylish and adored cyclists to ever partake in the sport. The man looked like box office gold and had similar features to stars of the silver screen like James Dean and co.

Hugo was a fantastic rider, dominating many races and events. He famously wore an expensive Swiss watch during his races, as well as carrying a comb and bottle of cologne, which adds to his swagger. As a man addicted to speed, Koblet tragically died behind the wheel of a fast car, but despite that, he leaves a legacy as one of the most stylish men to ever grace the sport of cycling. 

Pete Reynolds


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