LUMO reveal 3 new innovations on Kickstarter

Having launched via Kickstarter on 2015, and enjoyed great success with their innovative range of stylish cycling attire (including the a dashing Harrington Jacket which we reviewed), LUMO are back on the lookout for investment for their next range of products.

Next in line for the West Sussex-based start-up are three more intriguing pieces of cycling apparel: a bomber jacket, a gilet and a messenger bag. All of which are equipped with LUMO’s unique LED lights to increase visibility.

LUMO Brixton Messenger Bag Lights Cycling

LUMO’s vision fits in perfectly with Discerning Cyclist’s ethos of “stylish clothes you can cycle in” and another successful Kickstarter campaign would be a huge boost to them – as well as all discerning cyclists out there!

As well as the LED features of the products which ensure you can be seen for 400 metres, the new range is also packed with other cycling-friendly features, such as water resistance, moisture wicking properties, longer rear coverage and flexible fits.

LUMO Bomber Jacket Cycling Lights

LUMO are aiming to reach a £30,000 goal with Kickstarter, and by donating £99 or more, you’ll get your hands on one of their new products when launched in February 2017. Pledge your support here.

LUMO Bomber Cycling Jacket

Holloway Gilet LED lights LUMO

LUMO Brixton Messenger

LUMO Holloway Gilet

LUMO Kickstarter

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