Louri Bike Straps – Review

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If you want to carry small practical things on your ride, such as pumps, inner tubes or even bottles – but hate riding with bags or stuffed pockets – the Louri bike straps may well be a useful addition.

Now, I hear you, “bike straps… why can’t I just use cheap Velcro fasteners?”, is a legitimate question. After all, the Louri Bike Frame and Saddle Straps  comes in at £14.99 each. So, what exactly sets them apart from dirty cheap Velcro fasteners?

Much like my review of the Helmetor ‘Helmet Holder’ recently, the Louri bike straps tread a fine line between functionality and gimmick. It’s not that they’re not useful, it’s a question of whether they represent real value or not.

So, in the this Louri Bike Straps review, I’ll take a look at how you can use the straps and whether they are actually better than simple Velcro fasteners.

Are Louri Bike Straps Actually Better That Velcro Straps?

As the Louri bike straps are actually Velcro straps, the key question is what makes them better than cheap Velcro? Well, the simple answer is the elastic loops running across the straps. These strong loops can hook around pumps, air canisters or tyres to easily secure them in place while the Velcro secures them to the bike. It’s a simple idea, but very effective.

And, as you can see in the video below, attaching items to your bike using the Louri bike straps is incredibly easy.

What’s the Difference Between Frame and Saddle Straps?

There is one obvious difference between the Louri frame and saddle straps: the length. The Frame strap is longer (approx. 55 cm) and has more rubber grip in order to not slide around the frame, while the Saddle strap is shorter (approx. 40cm).

But what can they carry?

The Frame Strap can comfortably hold inner tube, a water bottle or even spare clothing, and can easily fit on the skinniest or thickest of frames. The Saddle Strap can fit underneath your seat post and has more space, capable of holding two road tubes or one MTB tube, as well as larger items such as bottles or even a Toblerone…

The quality of the straps is evident, all of which has been manufactured in the UK.

All-in-all, the Louri Bike Straps easily outperform simple Velcro straps, and are a great addition to the bike for any cycling that likes to carry emergency supplies but hates carrying baggage. If you frequently carry extra belongings with you and what them securely fastened to your bike, these will certainly do the job.

The Louri Frame and Saddle Straps are available for £14.99 each from KitRadar and comes in four colours (black, red, turquoise and yellow).

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