KYMIRA Infrared Touchscreen Cycling Gloves – Review

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In the depths of winter in the UK, gloves become an essential item – especially if you’re cycling.

The trouble is, many gloves can be clumpy, take up a lot of space and aren’t particularly practical when using your hands – whether that be opening a bottle, grabbing something from your pocket or using your phone.

That’s why performance sportswear brand, KYMIRA, brought out their Infrared Glove Liners – a skinny pair of gloves to help take the chill off.

Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves for Cycling

KYMIRA’s gloves are really skinny. There’s no wool lining on the inside, either. And that’s because they’ve not been created to deal with the bitterest of days on their own.

These are gloves that you can slip on when it’s getting a bit nippy – without taking up much space in your pocket and enabling you to type on your phone while wearing the gloves. As they’re so skinny, you can then wear them beneath thicker true winter gloves on icey or snowy days, giving you an extra layer of warmth and protection.

The gloves are made from 51% KYnergy polyester, 35% polyester and 14% Spandex, meaning they provide plenty of stretch and freedom of movement. There’s also leather-like material on the tip of the index finger and thumb on each glove to aid with dealing with smartphones, although the other fingers also work too.

To aid with grip, there’s also “silicon microdot grip technology” – effectively rubber dots on the palm of the glove. And, to help with cycling, the gloves have an extended fit over the wrist to provide extra protection and warmth, even when your sleeves ride up as you cycle.

Infrared Gloves

But we’ve not yet mentioned the key feature that KYMIRA have included in these gloves: these are infrared gloves… but what does that mean?

Well, KYMIRA is obsessed with sports science and their infrared technology is available in the majority of their products. Effectively, by using fancy infrared tech, their products are able to increase micro-circulation in the body, this increases the size of your capillaries and thus the amount of blood in that part of your body – in turn, this increases your body warmth (and can also aid pain relief).

Impressive stuff.

While I must admit I didn’t conduct any in-depth research on the effectiveness of these gloves, I was impressed by how well they kept the chill off my hands despite being so skinny.

These aren’t gloves that instantly make your hands feel warmer when you put them on – you even doubt they’re helping at all at first – but over the following hours, you’ll just forget you’re wearing them – which is a huge, understated compliment of these gloves.

I’m a fan of the KYMIRA cycling gloves. They’re so lightweight I can fit them in any pocket I have when I go out and are always there when I need them.

At ÂŁ35, they’re not the cheapest. But if you want a smart, lightweight pair of cycling gloves, these are right on the money.

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