Juiced Bikes Review: Are Juiced E-Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing four models of Juiced bike.

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The Short Answer

Juiced e-bikes are highly regarded for their affordability, impressive range, and powerful motors. The brand is well thought out and offers quirky designs with an off-road vibe. The bikes are made in China but designed and supported by the Juiced team in San Diego. Customer reviews are positive, praising the pricing and range of the bikes.

If you’ve been looking through the internet to find an electric bike, chances are you may have come across he San Diego based electric bike brand, Juiced Bikes.

This company prides itself on the affordability as well as the impressive range and power that their bikes produce.

Thus allowing you to go further on your bike, making them a solid option for anyone wanting to look for a car replacement.

Are Juiced E-Bikes Good?

Founded back in 2009 by U.S. Olympic high jumper Tora Harris, who just happened to attain a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University, this brand has been really well thought out.

If you like long range e-bikes that often feature fat tyres then this brand is really good. Not only that but their motors are powerful than the average e-bike too.

Not only that, but their fatter tyres and robust build make them great for heavier riders.

Is Juiced a Good Brand?

Juiced is a good brand if you are looking for an electric bike that is well specced and a little on the quirky side with regards to design.

Moreover, A lot of bikes have more of an off-road vibe making them a great option for outdoor lovers. They also double up as a fab commuter option too.

Their website is also really easy to use, making the customer experience that much better even when it’s online.

juiced bikes fact sheet

Where Are Juiced Bikes Made?

The bikes are made, as well as assembled, in China, as with the vast majority of bikes. However, they are all designed, engineered, and supported by the Juiced team in San Diego.

Therefore you can rest assured you’ll be getting a great and well thought out bike that will stand the test of time: an important factor to consider when purchasing a new set of wheels.

Juiced Bikes Review

Fortunately, Juiced bikes always do well when it comes to reviews. Customers are happy which is unsurprisingly given U.S. attitudes towards customer service.

The pricing and very impressive range that their bikes offer being a big talking point throughout their reviews.

Electric bikes from Juiced can also be a great alternative to the brand Super73, thanks to them being famed for their reasonable price which is of course a big selling point among customers.

juiced bikes product round up

Best Juiced Electric Bikes

Given Juiced bikes offer a wide range of styles to suit a plethora of needs and tastes, we felt it was only right to make a run down of their best electric bikes to make the buying process that little bit easier, enjoy!

  1. Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S fat bike

    Fat Tyre Electric Mountain Bike

    RipCurrent S

    An all round great option for those wanting a semi-mountain bike with fat tyres that can also perform well as an off-road hybrid, complete with added features like pannier rack

  2. juiced bikes city scrambler in white

    Electric Adventure Bike for The City

    Juiced Bikes City Scrambler

    Similar to the previous offering but more suited towards city endeavours thanks to it’s slick fat tyres for less rolling resistant along tarmac roads and bikes paths

  3. juiced bikes closeout hyperscorpion express

    Electric Delivery Bike with Step-through Design

    Juiced Bikes Hyper Scorpion

    Think classic delivery style moped, but an electric bike and with an easy to get on and off step-through design and that’s this bike summed up

  4. juiced bikes hyperscrambler 2

    Powerful Head-turning Masterpiece

    Founder’s Edition HyperScrambler 2

    A properly equipped all-terrain e-bike that’s powerful, convenient and safe.

  5. juiced bikes ripracer white

    Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike

    Juiced Bikes RipRacer

    An electric bike that offers a relaxed riding position complete with fat off-road tyres for added grip and stability on a range of terrain

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