John Smedley Lundy Pullover Review

Do you ever come across a piece of clothing that you just love?
Well, that’s exactly how I feel about the John Smedley Lundy pullover. To me, it is perfect.
Now, I realise that in any good product review you should weigh up the pros and cons to provide a fair and unbiased summary. And that is what I will try to do. But, having worn this jumper for a couple of months now (it has been washed, don’t worry), I’ll preface this review by warning you that the list of “cons” will be just one item long – so more con than cons.
So, let’s start with the plentiful pros.

The Pros:

For starters the colour of my Lundy jumper is beautiful. It lies somewhere between royal and navy blue (although is described as Indigo) – so, as a long-suffering Evertonian, you can’t get much closer to my heart. That said, there are a vast range of other Lundy pullovers available in colours including purple, black and green (some of which are currently half price).

And, although the Lundy isn’t specifically designed as a cycling jumper, it is made from gorgeous extra fine merino wool – meaning it is extremely light and breathable, while also providing some warmth on chillier days. Plus, you can really feel the quality of the merino wool as soon as you touch it – it feels like a really tip top quality garment.
The pullover is also rated at “30 Gauge” – which I had no idea what that meant… so I naturally Googled it. Here’s what I learnt: “Gauge simply refers to the number of stitches a garment has per inch”. So, 30 is quite a lot, and is the sign of a fine, lightweight knit, while lower gauge tops typically provide more warmth. Huh.

Anyway… according to the John Smedley description of the product, it is listed as a ‘standard fit’ but it is certainly edging towards a slim fit when you’re wearing it. The Lundy pullover hugs in the perfect places (shoulders, chest and upper back), but also gives you some leeway if you’ve enjoyed dinner a bit too much.
So, let’s get on to the con.

The Con:

As is typical with anyt top quality product, the problem comes with the price: £150.
Now, is this expensive? Yes. But do you get value for your money? Yes.
This pullover is by far my favourite piece of clothing right now and it’s taking a great deal of self-control to stop me wearing it 24/7. It’s simply lush.
Therefore, if the price is within your budget, I couldn’t recommend the Lundy highly enough. But if it’s out of your budget, keep an eye on the John Smedley sale, as many of the pullovers have been reduced to £75 – although are available in limited sizes.

John Smedley Lundy Pullover

While the John Smedley Lundy Pullover hasn’t been designed for cyclists in particular, it is the perfect garment for those leading an active urban life – but don’t want to compromise on style.
It’s a simple pullover that been made superbly well and can be worn as a standalone top or over a shirt.
Either way, if you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable pullover offering a bit of stretch and plenty of style, check out John Smedley’s Lundy.

John Smedley Lundy Pullover













  • Borderline slim fit
  • Lightweight, premium material
  • Classic style
  • Suitable for urban cyclists


  • Pricey

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