John Smedley Hugh in Silver Pullover – Review

One of my favourite things to discover is an outfit that is functional for cycling without necessarily having been intended to be so. Any clothing that is comfortable, flexible, and ideally breathable, is off to a winning start.

John Smedley’s ‘Hugh in Silver’ pullover is one such example of every day clothing that also happens to be functional.

John Smedley Pullover

British-based John Smedley pride themselves on manufacturing the ‘World’s Finest Knitwear’ and their attention to detail and pride-in-quality is apparent very quickly after having a look at one of their products.

With the Hugh in Silver, the first observation was simply how fluid the material was. It flows wonderfully through the fingers – a very impressive feat for a wool jumper. That wool is, of course, the cyclist’s darling: Merino.

The pullover comes in a very slim fit style. Something which I’m very much a fan of, unless you’ve had a particularly hefty Jalfrezi with extra Naan for lunch and don’t wish to see the Indian cuisine content of your stomach poking through the extra fine Merino wool. If you’re between sizes, I’d certainly recommending going for the larger size to account for this slim fitting style.

John Smedley Hugh Pullover Review

Despite being slim fitting though, this John Smedley pullover really comes into its own with excellent flexibility. You’ll never feel like this jumper is about to rip, regardless of the intensiveness of your day or bicycle ride.

This pullover works best with a light t-shirt beneath, although it can survive as a standalone top – although it might be recommended to keep the zipper on the stand-up collar up.

John Smedley Hugh Pullover

Quality comes at a price though, £175 in fact. It’s an admittedly hefty number, but with great quality comes a great price – to loosely paraphrase Spiderman.

If the price tag doesn’t put you off though, this pullover is simply stylish and extremely comfortable. It does a great job of keeping the icy chills off you, while also being breathable when you need it.

John Smedley Hugh in Silver Pullover












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