Isobaa Merino Wool Insulated Jacket – Review

ISOBAA AW 2018 Lifestyle Photoshoot 4th October 2018 North Devon, UK Images Copyright Malcolm Griffiths 07768 230706 www.malcolm.gb.net

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Insulated jackets (AKA “baffled jackets”) are becoming increasingly popular.

Not only can they keep you warm on chilly days, but they are also extremely light, comfortable, can be popped in a backpack and – of course – look good.

British-based Isobaa are one of the latest makers of such a jacket, packing their full of ‘Fulfil’ Merino insulation technology from HD Wool. The main benefit of using Merino wool, unlike other insulated jackets that are filled with feather or down, is that Merino will continue to insulate even when it’s wet.

ISOBAA AW 2018 Lifestyle Photoshoot 4th October 2018 North Devon, UK Images Copyright Malcolm Griffiths 07768 230706 www.malcolm.gb.net

What’s even more appealing about this Isobaa baffled jacket is that its outer fabric is made from recycle Nylon Ripstop – so it’s not having a negative impact on the environment either.

Now, it should be noted that while these jackets are great for cooler days – they’re not typically 100% die-hard waterproof. The Isobaa Insulated Jacket has DWR treatment to help resist rain, though, and it will keep you dry in all-but the most extreme of downpours.

Isobaa Merino Wool Insulated Jacket
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Isobaa Merino Wool Insulated Jacket is a warm and breathable jacket made of 100% Merino wool. It features a windproof and water-resistant outer layer, with a recycled synthetic insulation for added warmth. Ideal for cold weather outdoor activities.


  • Good pocket options
  • Warm
  • Very light


  • Pricey

Isobaa Cycling

As I mentioned in the review of Isobaa’s excellent Zip Neck Hoodie, Isobaa isn’t strictly a “cycling” brand. They’re about building outdoor gear for all manner of activities – but their team are big cyclists and love to wear the gear as they ride. It’s not bespoke cycling gear, but it’s still great to cycle in and their stuff actually looks excellent to – regardless if you’re off in the wilderness or cosied up in the pub.

And although I say the Isobaa Insulated Jacket hasn’t been built specifically for cycling, it still has some great features for those on two wheels. Most important of all, is that it has a dropped rear hem, so that you get extra lower back (arse) coverage when you’re pedalling about. It also has three zipped outer pockets (two hand pockets and one chest pocket) and has elastic hems around the cuffs so they’re not flapping about.

The jacket is comfy. It’s cosy. It keeps you warm. It looks really damn good. It’s also dead light (only 710g for the medium model) and is easy to roll up and throw in a backpack. It’s perfect for chilly days, or cooling summer nights (although maybe not Baltic winter nights).

At £180, this jacket is quite a significant investment. But it feels very high quality and I can imagine wearing this for years – it’s definitely one of, if not the, best baffled jackets I’ve come across.

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