Is Cycling Good for Women? (ANALYSIS)

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The Short Answer

Cycling is highly beneficial, improving physical and mental health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and depression. It strengthens muscles, aids weight loss, enhances fertility, and can help with period cramps. It promotes confidence, independence, and overall well-being.

Cycling is a great activity for women, it is an enjoyable form of exercise which will improve their fitness and can help combat stress and depression. Despite there being a lot of myths out there about the effects cycling can have on a woman’s body, this article aims to clarify the facts and the amazing benefits of cycling.

Is It Healthy for a Girl to Ride a Bike?

Cycling is healthy for girls, as exercise improves overall fitness and releases endorphins which can boost one’s mental health. A study by the American Urological Association dispels rumours that cycling can affect female sexual or urinary function. However, cycling may increase the risk of UTIs and perineal numbness- due to pressure on the perineum.

There are many myths regarding the negative impacts of cycling, for more information check out our blog post which clarifies the real facts here!

Despite there being a minor risk of UTIs and perineal numbness, cycling is overall very beneficial for girls as it can improve both their physical and mental health.

What Does Cycling Do to a Woman’s Body? 

Cycling is beneficial for a woman’s body; it decreases the risk of one having cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression.

It frequently strengthens leg muscles and can lead to weight loss, plus studies have also found that cycling/exercise can increase a woman’s fertility. The exposure to vitamin D also vitalizes your bones and immune system.

The University of Glasgow’s study on cycling states that those who cycle often are at lower risk of CVD, cancer and all causes of mortality.

The hormones released when we exercise (such as dopamine and endorphins) also boost our mood, meaning those who cycle are less likely to be depressed. For more information on the great effects of cycling see our other blog post on the benefits of cycling to work.

Women can also experience weight loss as a result of cycling, since intensive exercise burns calories. If a woman burns more calories when cycling than what she is consuming then she will lose weight.

Muscle mass built up from cycling can also contribute to weight loss, as more fuel is required to maintain the body, meaning more calories are burnt. Check out our article on cycling and fat loss to find out more.

A systematic inquiry into the effect of exercise on ovulation also revealed how exercise can be beneficial for a woman’s fertility, for it reduces the risk of anovulatory infertility and can lead to resumption of ovulation for those with PCOS. Therefore, cycling has the potential to help women ovulate.

Does Cycling Affect Your Period? 

A study concerning the effect of aerobic exercise on primary dysmenorrhea reveals that anaerobic exercise can treat severe menstrual cramps. Therefore it can be beneficial for women to cycle while on their period as it can lessen cramping pains. Additionally, cycling does not cause infertility unless done excessively- like all forms of exercise.

Does Cycling Affect the Uterus?

Cycling can impact the uterus as exercise can help combat period cramping, but besides this, cycling will not affect a woman’s uterus.

Cycling Benefits for Women

Overall cycling is very beneficial for women- it improves confidence and independence, as well as one’s physical health, and mental health. Cycling can also be found to make you smarter; for the exercise pumps oxygen to your brain, enabling it to increase in size and perform better.

There is also a link between cycling and having a better memory. To discover more about how cycling increases intelligence, see our article on this topic here.

In regards to cycling improving one’s mental health, it is found that cycling releases endorphins which reduce stress and calm us when we are in an anxious state. This means cycling is brilliant for easing every-day stresses and acquiring a tranquil mind!

As previously discussed in this article- cycling can lower the risk of CVD, cancer and other health problems, so it is a great idea for women to get out on their bikes; for it will improve their overall fitness and health.         

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