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When it comes to bike locks, the big problem I’ve always encountered is how to carry about my lock when I’m riding. 

For the past couple of years, my primary lock has been a relatively chunky D-Lock. It was great for securing the bike, but carrying it about was a bit more of a nuisance. I tended to hook it over my handlebars when I rode, which wasn’t ideal as it would often clunk away and actually keep knocking the front brake out of line. Occasionally I popped the lock in my bag if I had one on me, but that would also result in a lot of fussing around with my bag when I arrived at my location.

So what are the best ways to cycle with a bike lock?

Well, for D-Locks, there are some better alternatives than chucking it over your handlebars or in a bag. There are actually some good accessories out there that can mount your D-Lock to your frame or under your saddle when you’re riding, such as Oopsmark’s leather U-Lock Holster (£19.02), as well as some cheaper frame mounts on Amazon. But then again, you don’t have to get a D-Lock…

Hiplok Lite

When I attended Spin London back in May, one of the products that really caught my eye was Hiplok.

Hiplok Lite Cyan

Hiplok is basically a product and subsequent brand that has produced a solid steel chain lock that you can fasten around your waist with velcro when you ride and then rip off and attach your bike securely at your destination.

So I decided to give it a go and, for the past couple of months, my lock of choice has been the Hiplok Lite – available for £44.99 direct from Hiplok or £40.49 from Wiggle.

Hiplok Bike Lock

As the name suggests, this product is quite literally the ‘lighter’ version of the original Hiplok. Despite being weighing in at 1.4kg less than the Hiplok GOLD, the product still receives a very good Bronze rating from Sold Secure – essentially meaning a thief will have a bloomin’ tough time breaking this lock.

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To aid comfort during your ride, the 6mm hardened steel chain is surround by a removable 600d outer sleeve that also has a reflective tab. All the sleeves in the Lite range are primarily black, with a choice of colours available for the lock colour and bold Hiplok logo (cyan, green, white, pink and yellow). The styling is simple and clean, and looks good.

Hiplok Light Pink

Wearing Hiplok Lite

I personally opted for the cyan (light blue) model of the Hiplok Lite, and set about wearing from day-to-day (when cycling, of course).

When you first pick up the Hiplok, it doesn’t feel super light, weighing in at 1kg. But, after about 10 seconds of wearing it, you forget it’s even there. For me, it’s the perfect way to carry about a lock. It’s easy, accessible and works flawlessly.

In terms of functionality, it works just like any other chain lock when you unstrap it from your waist. Simply use the key to unlock it, secure it to your bike and whatever you’re locking it up against and then lock it up. Easy. 

I can’t rate the Hiplok Lite highly enough. It’s a wonderfully simple idea that fixes a problem, looks good and does the job impeccably.

Hiplok Lite Cycling

Have you tried out the Hiplok Lite? Leave your own review and comments below.

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