Helmetor Review – The Helmet Holder: A Gimmick or Useful Gadget?

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It can be a fine line that separates gimmicks from genuinely useful products. And Helmetor is treads very close to that line.

For some, nothing will convince them that Helmetor is anything but an expensive screw (it costs £9.99). But for others, Helmetor can bring order to their bike cave, and even more so if they regularly travel around with a lot of bike gear.

You see, it’s not immediately clear how Helmetor works, or indeed what separates it from a hook in the wall. After all, it looks as if you just hang your helmet off it – which is kind of true, but does a disservice to Helmetor at the same time.

You don’t just hang a helmet on the wall (or table) with Helmetor, you secure the helmet in place. Meaning that even on the bumpiest of roads or severest of earthquakes, you helmet will stay attached to Helmetor.

Helmetor is smarter than it looks. It’s not a hook, it’s a flexible clip.

How Does the Helmetor Work?

The Helmetor can be screwed onto a surface such as a wall, desk or piece of wood – wherever you would ideally like to keep your helmet.

But rather than hanging the helmet on it (like you would do with a hook), you clip the Helmetor into the vents of your helmet, keeping it securely fastened and usually preventing it from knocking against your wall.

You can see a short video of how the Helmetor works and can be fastened below.

Obviously, all helmets are made differently with some having more vents than others. The more “venty” your helmet, the easier it will be to secure this helmet in place.

But, essentially, if your helmet has a vent between 30mm and 65mm in length, Helmetor will hold it.

And while most helmets can be clipped into place, I found it difficult to secure the Helmetor to commuter helmets that have less vents (such as the Closca folding helmet and the Livall). Nevertheless, it is possible to still attach they helmets to the Helmetor, it’s just a little bit fiddly and hard to firmly hold the helmets in place.

On helmets with more vents, though, the Helmetor is very easy to use.

Is the Helmetor Useful?

This is the £9.99 question, isn’t it?

For some, myself included, the Helmetor is an unnecessary extra. I rarely wear a helmet, and when I tend to keep mine stored in a shelf in my wardrobe anyway.

But for others – especially those who have a lot of bike gear and like to keep it organised in a garage or similar space, the Helmetor is a valuable storage tool that provides great value.

It’s not for everyone, but if you like to keep your bike cave in order, the Helmetor can help you do so.

The Helmetor is available for £9.99 from KitRadar and comes in four colours (blue, green, pink and beige).

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