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Georgia in Dublin – Stylish Cycling Gear & Accessories

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Georgia in Dublin – Stylish Cycling Gear & Accessories

Georgia in DublinIrish company Georgia in Dublin have made it their aim to look stylish on the bike whether it’s a tad drizzly or a major deluge. Highly functional cycling clothing is the key behind their product and Georgia in Dublin is dedicated to providing gear that has dual uses of function and style. More so aimed at the ladies than the chaps at the moment Georgia in Dublin believe that the rain shouldn’t stop a girl looking her chic best as she pedals through the deluged streets on her way to wherever it is she’s going and as such sell a carefully selected choice of gear and accessories aimed at making sure your style doesn’t suffer the same fate as the weather.

We take a little look at what Georgia in Dublin has to offer.

The Dublette Expandable Rain Jacket — €180

The Dublette is an elegant waterproof jacket designed to expand over a backpack and/or bulky clothing. When the bungees on the back and down the sleeves are tightened the Dublette takes on its most elegant form with a fishtail swing at the back.

Dublette Expandable Rain Jacket Georgia in Dublin

The Dorothy Basket Cover — €20

Pretty bike basket cover, a drawstring bag for lights, leggits etc, a saddle cover if need be and a helmet cover if you dare!

Dorothy Basket Cover Georgia in Dublin
Bicycle Basket Cover

Leggits — €50

Overshoes with style! Simply pop the Leggits over your shoes and boots, flats and heels. Say Hi! to visibility and bye to sodden jeans and spoiled shoes! The beauty of these overshoes is even if it’s not raining or dark they still can be worn as funky boots!

Leggits Georgia in Dublin

The Rainwrap — €55 — DC Favourite

Combat the rain with this wrap around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers the Rainwrap is blissfully easy to take on and off without the palaver of pulling over shoes.

Rainwrap Dress Georgia in Dublin

Editor’s note — yes like this one, functional and stylish at the same time. Win, win!

The Hustle & Bustle Rain Jacket — €190

Hustle & Bustle Rain Jacket Cycling
Hustle & Bustle Rain Cycling Jacket

The Hustle & Bustle jacket is the beautifully tailored Rainwrap’s other half! Comfortable and versatile you can wear it anywhere and always feel elegant and unintimidated by impending gloomy weather!

Editor’s note — great individually styled coat, won’t appeal to all but certainly a chic number that sets you apart from the crowd.

Georgia in Dublin have a great idea behind them and as the company grows we’re bound to see product lines increase and more stylish cycling gear to help us all look good in the rain.

Visit the Georgia in Dublin site for more details and more rain protective clothing and accessories.

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