Foska Heinz Tomato Ketchup Jersey – Review

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We get sent all sorts of things at the Discerning Cyclist to check out – and this is certainly one of the most ‘interesting’ yet.

Made by Foska, this Heinz Tomato Ketchup jersey is certainly an eye-catching number – something you’d expect from the people who shot to fame after producing the Marmite jersey.

Foska were founded in 2002 by three die-hard cyclists, in a pub. They were sick of “garish, boring and tacky” bike clothes and decided to do something about it. They subsequently launched the Marmite jersey which quickly sold out. Over the years, their range has expanded and developed and now includes shorts, vests, jerseys, t-shirts, bottles and… well, pasta! Nonetheless, their mission to create “brilliant, practical and witty gear” has not changed.

Heinz-Tomato-Ketchup-Cycling-JerseyBut that’s not to say Foska just do cheap, tacky products. Far from it, in fact. As its £48.95 price tag indicates.

This Heinz jersey is made from high-performance Coolmax, making this top exceptionally light, very breathable, as well as extremely comfortable. It certainly keeps you feeling refreshingly cool.

Other practical features of this Tomato Ketchup cycling jersey include the standard long back for warmth/dignity insurance, three rear pockets (plus another small rear zipped pocket) and a ¾ length front zip, allowing easy removal or fresh air circulation to your torso quickly.

When it comes to fit, you’re looking at the jersey standard ‘sport cut’. Meaning the top doesn’t cling to a relatively athletic build, but is certainly leaning towards slim fit. And you don’t need to worry about the novelty wearing off, either. The design uses high-quality ‘fade-free printing’. Foska have both male and female fits available.

This top is fun. It’s not for everyone, but who cares? It’s good to not take yourself too seriously sometimes.

And, if all else fails, it will make a wonderful addition to your fancy dress wardrobe.

Fit: 8/10

Function: 9/10

Style: 5/10 (it could have easily been a 1 or a 10, so I’ve landed in the middle)

Value for Money: 5/10

Quality: 9/10

Overall: 36/50


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