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Endura Bike PantsWhen I’m searching for a good pair of pants to cycle in, I look for flexibility, breathability, horizontal front pockets, a bit of extra coverage for the behind and, of course, a bit of style and comfort. With the Endura Urban Pants, I can easily say that they tick all of the boxes.

The first thing you notice about the Endura pants is that they feel kind of silky, and initially it worried me that these wouldn’t be quite smart enough for the office. However, after trying them on, my fears quickly dissipated. They look pretty smart.

One of the strangest things about the pants though is that although they do look smart, they don’t feel it – and that’s not at all a criticism. They feel like the comfy pair of tracky bottoms you may don on a rainy Sunday afternoon when you’re home alone – light, fresh and unbelievably stretchy.

After reading on the label that the pants had a ‘four-way stretch fabric’, I took this on as a challenge – queue several bizarre lunges and squats to test out this four-way stretch. While I’m not double-jointed or a gymnast, I was satisfied that these pants could easily manage whatever I had to throw at them.

You’d possibly worry at this point that a trouser this flexible won’t hold any shape, but instead they fit well and bear a slim-fit style down to the ankle. The only area they maybe don’t hold their shape too well is around the pockets, with the shape of your pocket contents quite visible due to the stretchiness of the material – but this is somewhat inevitable with this type of material. While on the topic of pockets, you also get two rear-zipped pockets, so any loose change or keys you want to keep secure can be popped in here – always a handy feature while riding.

Endura Cycling Pants

Something else you quickly realise with these pants is just how light and fresh they feel, seriously minimising any perspiration issues you may encounter while cycling – I’d also have them down as a solid set of pants for the approaching summer.

But the thing I really love about these pants is that they are practical and stylish – the thing we really look for at Discerning Cyclist. These are the kind of trousers you can combine with a t-shirt or smarter shirt for work.

When it comes to water-resistance they hold up pretty well too (and as I also found: food resistance!). By no means are they water proof, but they certainly are resistant. A light drizzle will bounce of the material with ease, but if you plan on cycling through a monsoon I wouldn’t set your expectations to high – but then again these pants weren’t designed to protect you from the elements, they’re designed as much as anything for performance, comfort and style.

At £59.99 too, you get a quite reasonable price for a ‘performance trouser’, particularly when you consider the practically, style, comfort and also the spectrum of occasions that these pants are suitable for (so far I haven’t looked out of place wearing these on the bike, at work, at a bar or the cinema). Overall, the Endura Urban Pants are a good all-rounder.

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