Rapha Sale: How to Get up to 70% off Rapha Gear

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Rapha is one of the most desirable brands in the cycling world. And it’s not surprising: their gear is beautiful.

But it’s also expensive.

So if you’re on a budget, how can you find discounted Rapha cycling clothes and accessories?

Well, fortunately, there are a few opportunities.

Does Rapha Have Sales?

The best place to find a Rapha is sale is directly on Rapha’s website. Yes – Rapha does have sales! They just do it quite discreetly.

Now, Rapha doesn’t do wholesale website deals (e.g. 10% off ALL Rapha gear), but when a product or colour variant is discontinued or coming to the end of the season, the remaining stock is added to the Rapha Archive Sale.

LATEST: Men’s Rapha Archive Sale

LATEST: Women’s Rapha Archive Sale

Rapha Archive Sale: Latest Commuter Deals

Below I’ve listed some of my favourite deals from the Rapha sale. As this is Discerning Cyclist, I’ve focussed on the best sales deals from their City collection, but they also have lots of deals across the board on there sporty cycling wears.

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change, but correct at the time of writing.

Rapha Men’s Commuter Jacket
Was £100 | Now £60
Rapha Explore Down Jacket
Was £220 | Now £132
Rapha Gore-Tex Pullover Jacket
Was £250 | Now £150
Rapha Brevet Hoodie
Was £70 | Now £42
Rapha Technical T-Shirt
Was £55 | Now £33
Rapha Logo T-Shirt
Was £30 | Now £24
Rapha Merino T-Shirt
Was £60 | Now £35
Rapha Randonnee Shorts
Was £90 | Now £72

More Rapha Sales

But it’s not only on Rapha’s website that you can find discounted Rapha gear. You can also find Rapha gear at other online shops – who are more partial to offering long-term discounted rates.

Where to Find Rapha sales:

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