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I Asked 32 People What Cycling Means to Them and 50% Used This Exact Word

Last week, I asked my email subscribers and social media followers: “What does cycling mean to you (in 10 words or less)?

I got all sorts of answers. Some I expected, some I certainly did not.

But there was one word that kept popping up time and time again. So much so, in fact, that 50% of all respondents used this exact word, while many others alluded to it.

That word, was FREEDOM.

And it’s so true, cycling is freedom. You’re free to go wherever. You’re free from congestion. You’re free in the world. And, hey, once you’ve got a bike, cycling is basically free in terms of cost.

What Does Cycling Mean to You?

Quote from Nuthapong
Quote from Sheila
Quote from Meg
Quote from Gary
Quote from Txampa
Quote from Martin
Quote from Ian
Quote from Sarah
Quote from Chris
Quote from Ian
Quote from Greg
Quote from Andrew
Quote from Steve
Quote from David
Quote from Joffrey
Quote from Amanda
Quote from Pete
Quote from Stacey
Quote from Jackie
Quote from Bernard
Quote from Colin
Quote from Alex
Quote from Chris
Quote from Laura
Quote from Wojciech
Quote from Antonio
Quote from Isobaa
Quote from Darren
Quote from Andy
Quote from Matthew

What does Cycling Represent?

As you can see above, there are some clear themes in what cycling means to people.

I’ve grouped each of these responses below, to give you a lovely visually a to what cycling means to people.

Cycling Word Cloud

COMMENT BELOW: What does cycling mean to you?

Pete Reynolds


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Pete Reynolds

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