Best Buys from the January Sales

Best Buys from the January Sales

They say hair of the dog is the best recovery method for a hangover.

So, obviously, what better way to get over that lingering stress of Christmas shopping than a splurge in the January sales?

It sounds horrendous, I know.

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But then again there are some rather good offers knocking about, so maybe just grin and bear it.

However, to try and limit the amount of time you have to browse the virtual shelves, below we’ve ever-so-kindly compiled a list of five of the best stylish cycling clothes on offer for men and women in the January sales. You’re welcome.

For Men

1) Levi’s Commuter 511 Slim Fit Jeans – £59.90 (RRP £85)

Part of a massive sale on Levi’s superb Commuter range, Levi’s Commuter Jeans are renowned for the high quality of the trousers and are one of the largest mainstream brands to have successfully adapted to the stylish cycling clothing industry.

60 quid for a pair of high-quality jeans is good, but add to that the cycling-functionality that these boast and you’re looking at a real bargain.

One problem here is that they one have limited sizes left, with the ‘Indigo Rigid’ in particularly short supply. More are available in ‘Green Rider’ and ‘Black Mid’ colours though.

Levis Commuter 511 BlackLevis Commuter 511 BlueLevis Commuter 511 Indigo

2) Rapha Merino Polo – £55 (RRP £110)

Every time I look at this polo it makes me happy. It encapsulates “stylish clothes you can cycle in” perfectly. Admittedly, the fact that that provides me with so much joy should probably suggests I should be re-evaluating my life, but I digress.

Rapha are the kings of cycling style, although they are infamously costly. But, with a full 50% off, this polo becomes very decent value. Merino wool, lower back, urban chic.

Available in blue and purple.

See more of Rapha’s January Sale here.

Rapha Merino Polo BlueRapha Merino Polo Purple

3) Vulpine Softshell Jacket – £99 (RRP £175)

A warrior against the elements, Vulpine’s Softshell Jacket is ideal for whatever type of cycling you have in mind.

Ste reviewed this jacket back in 2013, and it’s safe to say he was a fan. If you’re in the market for a new stylish jacket for cycling, you should certainly give this your consideration. Especially with £76 off.

Available in Grey, Claret and Green.

See more of Vulpine’s January Sale here.


4) Rohan Escapers – £39 (RRP £68)

Rohan have gone all out with their winter sale this year and the Escapers Trousers are one of the highlights at half price.

Great outdoor trousers: tough, built-in stretch and don’t look bad either.

Available in Blue Steel or Falcon.


5) Howies Easy Rider Stretch Shirt – £29 (RRP £55)

A smart shirt with cycling functionality – yes, please.

Made from soft cotton, Tencil and a touch of Lycra provide this shirt with a little stretch to help turn this from just a smart shirt into a functional shirt.

See more of Howies’ January Sale here.


For Women

1) Rohan Meridian Jacket – £65 (RRP £130)

Another gem from Rohan’s excellent sale, the Meridian Jacket is now available for half-price and is ideal for early spring and late autumn.

Available in ‘Charred Black’ and ‘Driftwood’.

See more of Rohan’s January Sale here.


2) Howies Etape Shirt – £19 (RRP £45)

An absolute bargain at £19, the Etape shirt works perfectly in the office or at a formal event.

Made from stretch-fit cotton, this shirt also has embroidered eyelet under the arms to give a little more breathability.


3) Icebreaker Merino Tech T-Lite – £25 (RRP £45) (at  Velovixen)

Velovixen boss stylish cycling clothes for women, and are offering value aplenty with their January Sale currently.

Merino wool provides the ideal material for cycling gear due to its breathability, warmth and moisture-wicking properties.


4) Rohan Crossover Trousers – £32.50 (RRP £65)

Another Rohan bargain, these Crossover Trousers are now also available at half-price and come in a range of colours.

Like the men’s trousers, these are fantastic hard-wearing outdoor trousers that provide a solid blend of functionality, comfort and style.


5) Howies Pedaller Trouser £25 (RRP £49)

A refreshingly stylish pair of trousers suited for cycling, these slim leg straight fit cotton trousers boast added stretch to make them extra comfortable for your ride.

Available in Red and Blue.

See more of Howies’ January Sale here.

Pedeller Trouser

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If you're a fan of Discerning Cyclist and would like to support us (and help us get our caffeine hit), you can do so by buying us a coffee via the link below. Cheers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coffee funds may be converted into beers funds on Fridays.