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CYCL Waterproof Backpack Cover – Review

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If you’ve got a backpack you love, but it’s not waterproof, then a waterproof backpack cover might well be your saving grace when a downpour arrives.

This is one of the latest cycling accessories from CYCL, the company behind Winglights (“as seen on Dragon’s Den”).

The Best Waterproof Backpack Cover?

But CYCL haven’t just produced a glorified plastic bag. They’ve tried to build in as much functionality as possible.

For example, as rainy days are in tandem with bad light, CYCL have ensured their cover is an eye-catching fluorescent orange number, with plenty of reflective detailing also built in to further increase your visibility when cycling on road.

Other crucial considerations for this type of bag are that, 1) it’s small and easy to store when not in use (it is – it even folds into itself) and, 2) it’s easy to fit. In both these regards, CYCL have excelled.

Another handy feature on the CYCL Backpack Cover is that it has a handy loop so that you can also attach a back light (such as the Winglight!) to further boost your visibility.

While we had some reservations regarding the pricing of CYCL’s Anti-Pollution Mask, the same can’t be said of this exceedingly convenient Backpack Cover, which comes in at a very reasonable £14.99.

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