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Craft Cadence Top Tube Bag [REVIEW]

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If like me, you love having extra storage (which of course comes in handy for extra morale snacks and spares) while out riding, you may have considered buying a top tube bag.

In this piece I’ll be taking a look at the waterproof Top Tube Bag from Craft Cadence, which I have been using while out training over the last week.

First Look

On first impressions, I really like how compact this bag is, everything is neat yet it has a great amount of space inside for tools and spares: I like to take quite a few spare inner tubes out with me just in case. 

Additionally, this bag is only available in just one colour. I don’t however feel this to be an issue, as I would personally always choose a black saddle or top tube bag, this is just personal preference as I feel any other colour would quickly look tatty from my own daily usage. 

Another feature I’m a fan of on first glance is the great little inner zipper pocket which would be great for housing house keys, card or cash. I feel it’d also be great for organising smaller items such as extra hair bobbles or mini bike locks. 

As well as that, I’m a big fan of the fun and vibrant Craft Cadence logo on the side which includes high vis accents. I’m also excited to see how waterproof the bag is as keeping electronics dry, like a power bank, is something I look for in bike bag when out doing long days. 

Craft Cadence Top Tube Bag Price

GBP: £40.99

EUR: €49,95

USD: $52.99

AUD: $75.00

Key Features

  • Magnetic and velcro flap (no outer zip)
  • Waterproof
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Potential for mounting phones and computers 
  • Inner zip compartment for valuables 
  • Easy to use while riding
  • Electronics charging cover to charge computer
  • Grippy rubber velcro straps
  • High-vis detailing 

Thoughts and Feelings After Testing

First and foremost, I want to say how impressed I am regarding the capacity of this bag. I managed to fit in a lot of items, including house keys, card, an inner tube, two gels, a bar, a power bank as well as a cable and there was still room for more things!

Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that this top tube bag is an impressive little piece of kit: I’ve often found smaller luggage items for cycling to be lacking in space. But that just isn’t an issue with this bag, as you can see.

In addition to the generous capacity, I also really liked the electronics charging cover feature to allow for charging on the go. This would be a really great feature for longer rides when your bike computer, or even front light needs a charge.

Personally, I must admit that I didn’t actually end up using this feature during my testing as I didn’t need to, but without a doubt I will be utilising it fully in the future.

Moreover, I was also impressed with how easy the top velcro and magnetic flap was to open and access snacks inside: alternative options, such as bar bags, have often been too tricky to open while riding along, so this product has definitely solved that issue.

Last but not least, living up to its name, I’m glad to report that the bag was in fact, waterproof. I must admit, I was at first skeptical of the ‘waterproof’ statement.

But, my skepticism quickly turned to delight when during a downpour (classic riding in Blighty) all of my possessions inside remained dry. I could physically see the water wasn’t absorbed by the outer material. So yes. The bag is waterproof.

Craft Cadence Top Tube Bag [PROS + CONS]

Good valueDoesn’t fit as neatly aesthetically with a ‘slammed’ stem like mine
Easy to attach to your bikePotential for any top tube bag to scratch the frame
Has lots of great features that have been well thought out


Overall, I really like this top tube bag, even though I wouldn’t have previously chosen one over a bar bag, which I had been predominantly using prior to this testing.

I have found this bag to be a lot easier to use in general while riding along in comparison to the bar bag I had on my bike before. The bar bag I had was just at an awkward angle to open while riding without risking the contents falling out: you just don’t have to worry about that happening with this top tube bag.

Therefore I would highly suggest any bar bag enthusiast, and anyone else for that matter, to give the Top Tube bar bag from Craft Cadence a go: it’s user friendly and a great addition to use alongside a saddle bag.

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