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5 Tips to Avoid the Common Mistakes That New Cyclists Often Make

Whether you’ve just started cycling to work or are simply taking up a new hobby, there are plenty of pointers to help beginners on their way.

In order to help you really embrace your cycling experience, here are five of the most common mistakes made, and how you can best avoid them:

Use Your Gears Properly

They can be difficult to grasp at first, but get used to them and your gears will soon be your new best friend.

They are designed specifically to accommodate your ascent up steeper stretches, or descent downhill. As you’ll soon learn, there’s no point pedalling like mad in first gear when you could be doing so with more control in fourth gear.

One of the key tips to changing gears is that your cadence (i.e. your pedalling speed) should always stay the same and shifting gears at the right time will help you do this.

Fit Your Seat Properly

You want to cycle in comfort at all times. Of course, you don’t want to elevate yourself so high that your feet can’t reach the pedals, but setting your seat too low can lead to you under-extending when pedalling.

Find a happy medium where your pedals are within reach, but not too close so as to risk potentially injuring yourself on your cycle.

Go at Your Own Pace

Not all rides are breakneck-speed dashes to the finish line. Find what your limits are and stick to them.

Taking on too much too soon could also lead to risk of injury. Indeed, the latest markets from Betway have Chris Froome as a strong favourite to beat you no matter how fast you pedal – so you may as well enjoy your ride and not arrive in a puddle of sweat. Ease yourself in, find your rhythm and build up to a smooth finish.

Keep Yourself Energised

Similarly, it’s just as important to keep yourself hydrated while cycling. For longer rides, a small snack will also make sure you’re suitably nourished for your journey.

You don’t want your cycling experience to start with episodes of dizziness and constantly feeling light-headed; just refuelling with water every so often will massively lessen the risk of this happening.

Look After Your Bike

Don’t neglect looking after your bike regularly. If you think your tyre is a little flat, for instance, pump it up before you go out cycling again. Riding on a weak or even punctured tyre is no fun for anybody.

If you’ve got no idea how to maintain your bike, don’t worry. Discerning Cyclist came up with this easy to follow guide to 10-minute bike maintenance that will help keep your bicycle in good shape all-year round.

This doesn’t have to involve forking out a shedload of cash to look after your bike. Simple, routine maintenance will go a long way to keeping you safe and secure on your travels.

Have you got own suggestions for how to help new cyclists? Let us know in the comments below!

Pete Reynolds


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