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Closca Fuga Review: The Collapsible Bike Helmet Revisited

16 months ago I reviewed Closca’s first attempt at a folding bicycle helmet, following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Despite being hopeful of the product bridging a style gap in the helmet market, I was left disappointing with the bulkiness and design of the helmet. It felt like it could have been so much more… 

And, on that statement, Closca are back – and with a point to prove.

Introducing the Closca Fuga.

Closca Fuga Folding Helmet
  • ✅ PROTECTION AND RESISTANCE TO IMPACT: The Closca HELMET unisex helmet covers the most sensitive part of the head, and protects it against any impact caused by an accident. In the event of a...
  • ✅ FOLDABLE: Its patented Closca folding system reduces its volume by 55% in less than a second. This allows you to put it in any bag or backpack while you are not using it.
  • ✅ AWARD-WINNING ICONIC DESIGN: Its innovative design inspired by the architecture of the MoMa in New York makes it a work of art while driving through the city, and also when you get off your bike...


Closca Fuga Design – Collapsible Helmet

As you can see from the video above, the all-new Closca folding helmet is a much sleeker design. And after getting my hands on one too, the quality is drastically better than the previous model.

Closca Fuga Folding Bike Helmet

The folding functionality is impeccable – just as it was on the original model, in fairness. It takes no more than a second to make the helmet wearable, or flatten it down again for storage. It folds down to around 5cm thick, about half the width of the full size helmet, making it great for stowing away in bags.

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The helmet has kept an element of the original cap design, offering a subtle bill once again at the front of the helmet – useful for keeping the sun out of your eyes (perhaps more of a problem for those at Closca, who are based in Valencia, than those from the duller climes of the UK). However, this bill is fastened with high-quality Velcro and can be easily removed if it’s not to your taste.

Helmet Bag

One slight downside of the helmet is that I feel it could be a little more comfortable on the interior, despite its use of some padding. It’s by no means terrible and after a few minutes of riding you won’t really notice it, but it doesn’t match up to ‘sportier’ helmets in this regard – although this balances out overall when you look at the functionality and design of the helmet.


Closca Fuga is made of sturdy stuff. It is also fully compliant with European and American safety regulations.


The Fuga folding bicycle helmet is a huge step forward for Closca. It’s a classy looking product that functions excellently. As I mentioned earlier, the helmet could be a bit more comfortable, but this isn’t hugely distracting or particularly detrimental to the overall product.

This helmet comes in at a fairly substantial €120 (c. £105), but if you’re tired of lugging around a bulky helmet, the Closca Fuga could be worth the investment for you.

Pete Reynolds

Closca Fuga

£110 / €120










  • Sleek design
  • Easily folded
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Easy to carry


  • Could be comfier
  • Pricey


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Pete Reynolds

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2 Responses

  1. H says:









    I bought this helmet for $140 in May 2017 and loved it. In November 2019, three of four hinges suddenly broke. It appears they are made of scored plastic and wore out. I contacted Closca to check whether there was a way to repair the hinges. They just asked me to confirm the date of purchase and offered me a small discount on a new helmet. I assume that means the hinges can’t be fixed. These helmets are too expensive to fall apart after 2.5 years.

  2. Leah Ross says:

    Same issue here… Black Closca helmet I bought in early 2019 at the MOMA store in NYC. I don’t have the original receipt and the item was only occasionally used ( 60 days or less per year) – and otherwise stored in its pouch. Nevertheless – three of the collapsible plastic ties that hold the helmet rings to each other just snapped right through in recent months (one at first, then two more) – something I would call a serious material/design flaw that should not happen to an expensive item as this one which is otherwise still in flawless condition. The MOMA store won’t honor any warranty (absent a receipt) – so I asked Closca if they would? Or alternatively – if there is a repair program in place… reply pending.

    Thank You!
    Leah Ross

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