Cheap Bikes Under £300 for Commuting [Top 5 in 2020]

If you’re looking for something simple and comfortable to cycle to and from work, there’s no need to spend a fortune.

There are plenty of cheap bikes available which can do just as fine a job in serving you on your commute. Good cheap bikes won’t be state-of-the-art by any means, but that doesn’t mean affordable bikes can’t get the job done for you as efficiently as others.

Below, we’ll look at five which could all claim to be the best commuter bike under £300 currently on the market, including cheap fixie bikes, which are a good commute bike due to their simplicity, the hybrid commuter bike and a comfort bike. If you’re looking for cheap bicycles for commuting, we’ve got you covered here.

What are the Best Bikes Under £300 for Commuters?

Riverside 100 Hybrid Bike (£149.99)

We’ll start with one of the best budget hybrid bikes money can buy. This Riverside model, costing just £149.99, is great for commutes of short to medium distance, but is also the first bicycle enabling you to switch from urban to rougher terrain with no fuss at all.This was actually the first commute bike I bought and it served me well for several years.  One of the best cheap bikes there is. Indeed, this will almost certainly be one of the cheapest new bikes you can find.

It also boasts a six-speed grip shifter, a height-adjustable stem, and unisex frame, so will suit no matter what your height or gender is.

And that’s not all. Its saddle is a welded steel seat post, ensuring you’ll be even more safe on this low price bike as you embark on your commute. One of the best value bikes there

Fast, Light and Cheap!

The first commuter bike I bought was an earlier model of the Riverside 100 and I loved it.

It's a simple, no thrills six-speed bike that is light and fast.

Ammaco Heritage Classic Dutch Style Traditional Ladies Bike (£169.99)

Another that is arguably the best budget bike available right now is this model for women from Ammaco, for a bargain £169.99.

With a hi-tensile steel frame and fork, and backswept and upright Dutch-style handlebars, this ‘racing green’ bike has an easy single-speed set up, with a wide-sprung saddle to enhance its comfort.

It also comes with sturdy, powerful V-brakes, full-length mudguards and a chainguard, with a wicker basket for extra support and a place to store your bag or belongings if you wish. Although, note that the bike comes 90 per cent built and require a final assembly, which you can find tips about here.

FIXIE: Viking Urban Myth Gents 700c Wheel Fixie Bike (£179.95)

If you’re looking for cheap fixed gear bikes, this design from Viking is the perfect place to start.

For a start, its chrome frame is available either as a flat or drop-down handlebar option, depending on your preference, while its no-nonsense frame helps make this perhaps the best budget commuter bike around.

It’s also a particularly stylish bike, with a lovely retro touch and a clean finish. And if all of this wasn’t enough to convince you, this bike was used for the Pro rides in the Insync Street Velodrome, who have tested it to its absolute limit. This bicycle is built to last.

Ammaco CS-450 Lightweight Alloy Sports Hybrid Road Bike (£249.00)

Another of the best value hybrid bikes is another from Ammaco; a quality men’s model with 24-speed Shimano gears, V-brakes and a lightweight alloy frame.

In many ways, it’s one of the perfect commuter bikes: ideal for urban areas, and also better on-road than a mountain bike, thanks to its larger 700c wheels and narrower tyres, which allow it to glide along far easier on smooth ground.

Available with either a 17” or 19” frame, this hybrid bike was tailor-made for serving you on your commute, all for a reduced price of just £249.00.

Best Hybrid Bike Under £300: B’TWIN Hoprider 100 Urban Hybrid Bike (£299.99)

Last but not least on our list of cheap city bikes is a design which has got the lot: this B’TWIN model comes with built-in lights, mud guards, a rack and so much more, making it one of the most impressive commuter bicycles available, as well as being extremely affordable.

A sturdy resilient bike that can handle smoother, urban roads and rougher pathways, they’re even better, in fact, for longer journeys of more than about 10km, and their 21-speed gears mean they can handle any surface with ease.

Whatever type of commute you find yourself on, this B’TWIN bike is sure to make it a whole lot easier for you. I’ve actually been riding the previous iteration of this bike for the past four years and I love how practical it is. It can handle any surface and I love the fact that it has dynamo lights built in so I never have to worry about cycling at night. Definitely one o fthe best budget hybrid bikes around.

A Good All-Rounder

A cheap and cheerful bike from Decathlon that is ready to go. Has a built-in pannier rack as well as automatic self-charging Dynamo bike lights.
A great all-round for commuters.

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