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Carbonaut CyclingDuring the last week of October the official launch of a new British company producing a range of sleek and smartly tailored clothing suitable for cycling took place. That company is called Carbonaut Clothing Company and behind it is a small team dedicated and extremely passionate about cycling style in and out of the saddle.

At the moment they supply a small range of tops and jackets for both men and women all of which feature a sharp & considered sleek cut. In their own words “Our dedication to the tailored fit and cut that flatters a rider’s shape is central to everything we create: bringing together the finest materials, detailing and craftsmanship in every stage from design to delivery.”

Carbonaut’s detailing and craftmanship is certainly in evidence with the Monument Polo T-Shirt. I’d say the best way to describe it would be a relaxed form fitting stylish polo. There’s no unnecessary baggy areas and that the same time it’s not skin tight so you don’t have to have the body of a Greek Adonis to look great in this stylish Carbonaut offering. Quite simply the monument polo creates a sleek well tailored polo t-shirt that is really ideal for most situations, casual or smarter just pair with the right kind of trousers.

The t-shirt comes with rim detailing around the sleeve and collar that just gives it a dash of contrast against the all dark navy look and it’s a really nice and needed addition to break up the style of the Monument Polo. A simple small logo mark representing the good makers at Carbonaunt adornes the left breast and just aids that slight splash of colour and keeps the crisp, sophisticated nature of the polo alive and well.

The length is excellent, although not featuring a longer cut at the back like more cycling dedicated t-shirts but it seems longer than standard polo t-shirts and fits very nicely below the waist line which helps stop builders bum whilst you’re on the bike, which is a great feature against cold and potentially causing accidents behind you.

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The type of cotton used to make the monument polo is piqué, 100% off it at that and this creates a lovely soft texture that feels great against the skin, woven a little thicker to give a slightly more substantial feel than standard t-shirts. Certainly it’s not got the functionality to be a base layer but works very, very well as a mid-layer over a merino top on colder days. Worked correctly this can command a very effective smart casual look or if you have the option when you reach your destination you can sneak away and whisk of the base and just power through the day looking oh so very snazzy in just the Monument on it’s own.

The quality of the polo can’t be questioned, it feels soft against the skin but is well constructed giving you confidence that it’s with you for the long haul. Having given it one wash already and it coming through unscathed time will tell how it lasts against more washes but I have full confidence the Monument will live up to its name and stand the test of time both in the style and durability categories.

Carbonaut Monument Polo Cycling

The price would be the only moot point in the entire review at £40 it’s at the quite pricey end of the polo t-shirt world but this is explained by such quality and attention to detail through-out. From the type of cotton to the double stitching along the hem (which if you take a closer look is nothing short of immaculate –  a testament to the fine British tailoring that Carbonaut is built from) to the little flash of red on the inside of button holes down the neck.

To sum it all up, this is a really polished smart piece of urban cycling clothing by the guys at Carbonaut. You can feel the passion behind it. The fit is first rate and it feels so comfortable. It’s durable and versatile and a welcome part of a Discerning Cyclist’s outfit for the day.

Fit: 10/10
Function: 7/10
Style: 9/10
Value for Money: 6/10
Quality: 9/10

Overall: 41/50

The Carbonaut Monument Polo is available in Frency Navy from Carbonaut for £40.00

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  1. Tabrez says:

    This has been added to my wish-list! Love this site, keep up the good research!

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If you're a fan of Discerning Cyclist and would like to support us (and help us get our caffeine hit), you can do so by buying us a coffee via the link below. Cheers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coffee funds may be converted into beers funds on Fridays.