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B’TWIN 500 Hi Vis Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket Review

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From time-to-time, it’s necessary to make a compromise in either style or functionality, especially if you’re on a budget.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s an increasing number of real top-quality jackets that are marrying waterproof, reflective features with smart urban designs, but people don’t always want to spend £100+ on a piece of clothing – and I can certainly understand that.

So, you start running down the cost ladder until you find a suitable product. At this lower budget you’re extremely unlikely to find a super stylish, super practical product, so you need to decide between style and function.

This is where sports stores like Decathlon do a really good job, with the B’TWIN 500 Hi Vis Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket a superb example of a highly-functional budget jacket – and is available for £34.99.

B'TWIN 500 Hi Vis Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The B’TWIN 500 Hi Vis Waterproof Urban Cycling Jacket is a lightweight and breathable jacket with reflective details and waterproof fabric to keep you dry and visible during urban cycling.


  • Fully-waterproof
  • Good ventilation
  • Good fit
  • Hi-vis


  • Function over style

The Best Waterproof Cycling Jacket under £40?

Now, this isn’t intended as a dis to Decathlon, it’s just simply not possible for bright green hi-vic products to look stylish – although, in fairness, the company has done a good job on this jacket so that it doesn’t look like a neon plastic bag, but a nice fitting jacket.

But, there’s no doubt that this jacket certainly has a time and place – namely in horribly wet and/or low-light conditions. At these times, the paramount thing to consider is your safety and staying dry.

The best thing about this hi-vis cycling jacket is that it can be packed up nice and small – making it perfect to leave in your bag ready for a downpour emergency. Indeed, this waterproof jacket has got everything you need in such unwanted circumstances: it’s extremely lightweight with ventilation under the warms, back and wrists, it has watertight seems and storable hood (! – why do so few cycling jackets have hoods!?), it’s high visibility with additional reflective features and it can easily pack up neatly so that it can be throw into a bag.

So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a practical-meets-stylish waterproof jacket, this incredibly practical waterproof cycling jacket from Decathlon will flawlessly protect you from the elements for under £40.

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