Braven 105 Portable Waterproof Speaker – Review

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I go through airport security a lot these days, but when I went through scanners at Düsseldorf Airport a couple of weeks ago, I was worried the bomb squad was going to be called for me.

Working remotely – a digital nomad if you will – my laptop bag is packed to the rafters with tech. As well as the laptop itself, I have a portable second screen, a mobile power bank, a laptop power bank, regular chargers, a Kindle, not to mention notebooks and bundles of cables.

Indeed, security were so baffled my tech collection – and in particular my duopoly of power banks – that they had no less than eight police officers around the monitor showing the scan of my bag demanding me to explain what all these things were for.

One thing that was missing out of my collection – until recently – was a good, solid, lightweight speaker. Not a party speaker, just something to throw on while cooking or in the shower (note: while putting your phone in the sink is good for acoustics, don’t turn on the tap to wash your hands at the same).

So, after coming across the Braven 105 Speaker, I was delighted to see that it ticked all my donk requirements:

  • Waterproof
  • Light (408g)
  • Bluetooth (eight hours battery)

The Braven 105 is available for £44.99 at Amazon, but how good actually is it?


Braven 105 Speaker Reviewed

After receiving the portable speaker from Braven, my early impressions were good. It had a solid, durable feel, with an almost rubbery texture.

It’s also a great size, and something I didn’t notice when ordering it is that it can be easily attached to any kind of strap. So, if you’re someone who likes to flaunt your musical tastes when cycling or walking, you can easily attach the Braven Bluetooth speaker to a backback shoulder strap or even a belt with its elastic loop which will hold it securely in place.

Alternatively, you can set up the device on its little stand (included) which just involves putting a couple of screws in place by hand (with the same kind of set up to that of a GoPro). It can be taken on and off the stand in under 30 seconds.

Pairing the device with your phone, tablet or computer is also a doddle, and takes just a few seconds to connect by holding down the power button. You can also control the music volume and skip through tracks using the speakers three buttons.

Lightweight Waterproof Speaker

Impressively, the Braven 105 is also waterproof. So whether you want to have it blaring out in the rain, or share your shower with it – no problem. The 105 is certified with a IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can survive submerged in one metre deep water for up to half an hour. Not bad at all.

Four different colours of the device are available: black, white, neon yellow, or electric blue. For a change of pace, I went with the garish yellow option – but it doesn’t actually look too bad.

Sound quality is also very good on the Braven 105 speaker. It packs a decent punch, but won’t leave your ear drums ringing afterwards. It’s a good date night/beers with friends kind of speaker, but would struggle at a full-blown party.

I found the eight-hour battery life to be on point – but I haven’t yet had the device long enough to say if this diminishes over time.

Overall, I found this to be one of the best portable speakers around, and at £44.99, is a steal.

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