Padded Knickers for Lady Cyclists – Bike Nicks Review

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There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear on a long bike ride.

Some people opt for padded shorts, some go for generic cycling shorts, while others opt for their regular undies. But there’s a real lack of good-looking sporty underwear out there – especially for women – and it’s an area I expect to grow rapidly in the next couple of years.

Bike Nicks are at the forefront of this movement, and are the brainchild of Lili Millar – a yoga and cycling enthusiast who came to the realisation that there is no pretty lingerie that is comfortable for cycling.

So, she went ahead and created three knicker designs: knickers with mesh inserts, knickers with lace inserts and a thong, proclaiming they are the “sexiest, most stylish cycling knickers ever”.

Naturally, I was unable to review these myself, so I passed them on to my girlfriend and awaited her feedback.

The Bike Nicks range offers three simple styles, all of which come in black, and have all been made with quality in mind. They’re very comfortable on the ride, and it’s hard to recognise that they’re padded and are made with cycling in mind – there’s nothing better than discreet functionality after all, especially in the underwear world (underwearld?).

All products are sourced and manufactured in the UK, with the garment itself made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastine, while the pad is constructed with 80% latex, 10% polyester and 10% cotton – the combination of which provides a light, breathable material for your tush.

The lace cycling knickers are available for a fairly reasonable £26.99, while the thong comes in at £19.99

Overall, Bike Nicks are a great addition to a sorely under-resourced industry, and should prevent discomfort and rawness in unwanted places to female cyclists everywhere. Or, as Bike Nicks put it: #cherishyourchaffinch.

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