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Poland? Why was I getting a package from Poland? Oh yes – Bike Belle is located in Poland! Yay, my Bike Belle accessories arrived faster than anticipated! I was very excited to test out some new bicycle accessories, and these do not disappoint!

Girly Cycling bells

A bike bell, valve caps, and a seat cover were soon unpacked, and I was delighted to see them in person, after studying them on the website. The purple bike bell, the Bike Bake Luv XXL Bell, is just so adorable, as are the coordinating Gingerbread Bike Bake Luv valve caps. I haven’t had valve caps on my bike in ages, but there is no way I’m ever replacing these! And the leopard print seat cover now seems perfectly natural on my bike.

Leopard Print Bicycle Seat Cover

The bike bell truly is XXL – I was a bit shocked to see exactly how much larger than my Electra bell it is. But once on my bike, I hardly notice the size, and frankly, it’s too cute for me to care. Hand decorated in Poland as part of the Bike Bake Luv collection, the bell looks just like a cupcake, complete with a heart-shaped gingerbread cookie, sprinkles, and two straw-like cookies. But it’s not just cute – the bell has a wonderful, unexpected sound, like an old-fashioned doorbell. It’s certainly noticeable! The cookies were broken during shipment, but I was able to glue them back together with no problems.  And then somehow I ended up breaking one off completely – perhaps being so close to my front basket meant that I accidently smacked it with my purse, and didn’t realize it. Disappointing, but at least the heart cookie and sprinkles are still there! And it does still ring, which, of course, is the point of having a bell in the first place, right?

Cupcake Bicycle Bell

The coordinating valve caps are also handmade in Poland and part of the Bike Bake Luv collection. They work with Schrader valves, and the website says they can work as adapters for presta valves, also, so suitable for any bike. Although the Bike Belle website shows cute valve caps in other designs such as owls, ladybugs and even Discerning cats, the bakery theme ones really are the most adorable. The website is correct – bakeries and coffee shops should be selling these!

The leopard print seat cover has been the most delightful surprise.  It isn’t a perfect fit to my saddle, and just slips on with no way to adjust it, but it doesn’t slip around, or slip off. The fuzzy fabric does stick a bit, depending on what clothing I’m wearing, but not enough to be a problem.  I was a bit nervous the first few times I had to leave the bike locked on the street – should I take the cover off? Would it get stolen? So far, it hasn’t been a problem. However, if I knew I was in a sketchier neighborhood, or if rain was threatening, I could easily remove it, and stuff it in a pocket for my return. It is certainly cozy, and a very fun accessory.

Bike Belle

I asked the other women in my office who bike to give me their feedback on these items, and the bike bell was by far the favorite item. There are so many other cute bakery themed bells on the website that I am now thinking ahead to the holidays – which friend bikes and bakes the most and would want one for a gift? Really, it’s the perfect thing.

Bike Belle Cycling Accessories

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