Bianchi Men’s Modica Jacket – Review

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Bianchi-Mens-Modica-JacketUpon first glance of the Bianchi Modica Jacket on Probikekit, I wasn’t sure whether it was to the Discerning Cyclist’s typical taste, in that it appeared – online at least – to be more of a cycling jersey than a stylish jacket.

However, when the jacket landed on my doorstep, my opinion began to change.

Yes, this jacket has definitely been designed with cycling as its foremost thought. But, surprisingly, when getting to grips with the jacket, it just seems to be a very high quality, light but warming piece.


Style-wise, this piece is not my usual forte. But that’s not a bad thing. Testing the boundaries of your style and taste is good for personal growth (heavy). Its look is exceptionally Italian, although I find this also very similar to Spanish, with its clean cut style, bold use of colour and symmetrical style – not to mention its mentioning of ‘Milano’…


One of the first things I’d mention about this top is that you should almost certainly go for at least one size above your norm. I’m about as ‘medium’ as you get – 5′ 9”, 75kg, slim/moderately athletic build (although admittedly becoming less so), but I was advised to go for a size higher. Having done so, I can see why. The ‘large’ is snug on me, particularly when zipping up the top. The top almost compresses you – not in an uncomfortable way – but it does create a very snug fit on my torso.



The Bianchi Modica Jacket is made of thick, stretchy 100% PU of Polymer – I’m exactly sure what that means but it is thick and stretchy.

For a ‘light’ jacket it is surprising warm, although if there’s a fair old breeze, you will feel a very slight chill. However, this can be quite a refreshing factor on more stuffy days when you’re riding. If you’re into the techy aspects, Bianchi describe its wind resistance as 15mm/s with a ‘Wind Protection System’…erm. I assume that’s good.

When it comes to rain, Bianchi again have another technical specification: “permeability to water vapour ) transpiration: 500g/m(squared) per 24 hours”. From personal experience from this jacket, I’d translate that into meaning that this jacket can withstand a shower without getting soggy and heavy, but if you see a storm brewing, I’d recommend reaching for a Kag.



As mentioned earlier, this jacket is certainly not bereft of cycle-friendly functions.

Like all good cycling tops, it comes with a lovely lower back to protect your dignity when riding and even features a silicone strip along the base to help cling to the back of your trousers. The front of the top is considerably higher, and I’d even go as far to say as this could be a little lower so as not to expose your stomach when you’re reaching up.

The top also features a couple of back pockets. Personally, I’d prefer a secure front pocket, as, if nothing else, is somewhere nice to put your hands. Not the less, the back pockets are useful to pop in any valuables to keep them secure. The pockets also have discreet  reflective strips to help make you more visible at night which is always good.


I’d definitely put describe this jacket as ‘cycling attire’. But, that’s not a slight on this jacket. This Bianchi piece is in the grey zone:  bridging the gap between cycling clothes and stylish clothes. That, I like.

This top is warm, but light and a great addition heading into spring, although is certainly steep even at the reduced price of £99 – despite its undeniable quality.

Fit: 7/10

Function: 9/10

Style: 7/10

Value for Money: 4/10

Quality: 9/10

Overall: 36/50

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