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Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cyclists [Top 12 for 2023]

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A Secret Santa always seems like a great idea, but sometimes when you draw a name out of a hat, your mind also draws a blank.

There are only so many boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine you can buy for a person, so there comes a time when you really want to get something a little bit different, a little more personal, a little more fun.

Well, if you’re the Secret Santa for a cyclist, you’re certainly in luck. There are so many fun, quirky and useful gifts for cyclists out there, and they definitely don’t have to break the bank.

Cheap cycling gifts could include bottle openers, handlebar phone mounts, heart rate monitors, cute novelty socks or t-shirts, or you can go that little bit further and buy something bespoke: a personalised map of their favourite places to cycle, an extra special bit of kit for their bike, or even a handmade trinket related to their favourite hobby.

To help you on your way, we’re rounding up 12 of the best Secret Santa gift ideas for cyclists, from the silly to the practical and everything in between.

Unique and Funny Cycling Secret Santa Gifts

While it’s always good to get a practical gift for the cyclist in your life, something that will improve their riding experience or help them maintain their beloved bike, sometimes you might want to get something that will just tickle their funny bone and put a smile on their face.

However, the sheer amount of cycling gifts on the market can be somewhat overwhelming. How do you choose from all the brilliant bespoke gifts from small businesses on Etsy? How many hours can you spend trawling through Amazon for that perfect something?

One of the main things to consider when you’re shopping for the best gift is whether you’re looking for something silly or practical, and then whether the cyclist you drew from the Secret Santa hat is someone who would find that present funny or useful.

After asking yourself that question, you might decide to play it safe with a genuinely useful but generic gift, or you might decide to push the boat out with something really unique and funny.

In terms of unique gifts, something personalised is always an interesting idea. And no, ‘personalised’ doesn’t have to just mean something generic with their name slapped on it: there are all sorts of truly personal gifts out there, handmade by small business owners with a talent for gift-making.

We’ve suggested some in this article, but as for some general ideas, you could look for a poster with a map of their favourite ride, a medal which celebrates their most impressive PB, or maybe even find a mini model version of their dream bike that they can have in their garage or on their desk.

For funny gifts, it really depends on your cyclist’s sense of humour and what they’ll find entertaining. Plus, you might want to consider whether your funny gift actually has any practical use: spending money on something that’s mildly entertaining but is fundamentally useless might be a bit of a waste of money, especially when there are so many funny gifts out there that will bring a smile to their face time and time again.
The possibilities really are endless, so read on to find, in no particular order, 12 of the best Secret Santa gifts for cyclists — perfect whether you’re shopping for a gift for your dad, mum, friend, partner, sibling, colleague or boss.

Best Secret Santa Gifts for Cyclists [Top 12]

1. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

What is it? This gift is exactly what it says on the tin: a pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle. Wheel it over your pizza for a perfect slice every time.

Why get it: This is the definition of a silly but actually pretty useful Secret Santa gift. It’s sure to put a smile on your cyclist’s face — because you already know they love cycling, and who doesn’t love pizza?

2. Bicycle Print Necktie

What is it? A tasteful and smart-looking necktie adorned with bicycles, this gift is practical, looks good, and allows the wearer to give a nod to their favourite hobby while at work.

Why get it: If you’re shopping for a work Secret Santa, a tie is a great choice. This one is understated, so will not look out of place in the boardroom, but it still has some little bike details that add personality.

3. Ride: Cycle the World Book

What is it? This beautiful book contains details of 100 of the world’s best bike rides, from city centre day rides to epic cycling expeditions, complete with maps and sights to look out for along the way.

Why get it: This book is a dream for cyclists who adventure or want to take rides to the next level. It’s so pretty to flick through, and might even teach them a thing or two about culture, geography, and biking the world.

4. Mountain Biking Art Print

What is it? A tasteful, picturesque cycling print that will look just great in any bike-lover’s home, with black-and-white photography and text detail.

Why get it: This poster is so minimalist it will fit in any home. It has a photograph of a gorgeous mountain bike trail, and the slogan ‘Ride Bikes, Be Happy’ is certainly one that any cyclist can get behind.

5. Bicycle Chain Bracelet

What is it? Made from a link from a bicycle chain and real leather cord, this bracelet is fully adjustable and handmade with care.

Why get it: Handmade jewellery is a lovely gift, and this bicycle chain bracelet is no exception. Its design means it’ll stay securely on the wrist while cycling, and will be a very cool addition to a wardrobe for any occasion.

6. Catch Up Water Bottle

What is it? A 22-oz sports cap water bottle in the style of a ketchup bottle — a quirky and cool but practical gift.

Why get it: This bottle is so cute and quirky, it will certainly solicit a smile from your Secret Santa recipient. It’s genuinely useful (because who doesn’t need more water bottles?) but is sure to be the coolest water receptacle in their kitchen.

7. Bike Repair Tool Kit

What is it? A 16-function portable bike repair toolkit including 6 different inner hexagon wrenches, 3 kinds of socket spanner, 3 kinds of flat wrench, 2 kinds of screwdriver, 1 spoke wrench and 1 sleeve extension rod.

Why get it: The ultimate practical gift: a pocket toolkit. Every cyclist is guaranteed to need a handy tool at some point when they’re out on the road or trail, and with this useful gift, they’ll never be caught short again.

8. Handmade Wire Bicycle Sculpture

What is it? Crafted by twisting wire, this bicycle sculpture can be personalised with the recipient’s name set into the front wheel and comes in a wide variety of colours.

Why get it: This sculpture is handcrafted, personalised and looks incredible — it shows you’ve gone the extra mile and is sure to end up pride of place in their garage or bike workshop.

9. ECO-CAFE Cycling Socks

What is it? Durable, moisture-wicking and lightweight cycling socks in a beautiful design which look just as good with trainers or cycling shoes. Perfect for long rides.

Why get it: There’s nothing worse than sweaty feet on a bike ride, so these socks are an ideal gift for a cyclist. They look beautiful, keep your feet cool, and go well with any style of shoe — what’s not to love?

10. Novelty Cycling Mug

What is it? A novelty cycling mug with the slogan ‘When in doubt, pedal it out’ alongside a drawing of a bike. Will brighten up any boring old mug cabinet.

Why get it: This is another good bet for an office Secret Santa — they’ll always know which mug in the kitchen is theirs, because it’s got a picture of their favourite thing on it.

11. Custom Cycle Route Print

What is it? This personalised poster includes a minimalist map of a cyclist’s favourite route, with details of the date they rode it, the distance, and their name. Comes in a variety of colours.

Why get it: This is really something special: a poster that will remind your cyclist of that epic trail they once rode. It’s tastefully minimalist so won’t distract from existing home decor, but will bring back happy memories.

12. The Cyclist’s Bucket List: A Celebration of 75 Quintessential Cycling Experiences Book

What is it? This lovely book showcases the world’s quintessential cycling experiences, compiled through research, interviews with experts, beautiful storytelling and gorgeous photography.

Why get it: If the cyclist in your life doesn’t have bike ride wanderlust, they will after reading this. An inspirational and educational book that shows the most wonderful places to cycle in the world.

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