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Giant Bicycles: The Best Road, Mountain & Commuter Bikes

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Giant is one of the “giants” of the bicycle manufacturing industry, having been creating premium bikes at competitive prices since 1981.

The brand has been instrumental in pushing the world of bicycles forward, and it came up with two major technological advances that later became industry standard.

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They were the first company to mass-produce carbon road bikes, and make them with compact geometry. These methods are now adopted all over the industry. Giant bicycles and Giant bicycle accessories are made entirely in-house, meaning they control the manufacturing processes from start to end.

Since the pandemic started last year, people are forced to find entertainment that doesn’t involve indoor activities and large crowds. As a result, many people, including myself started hiking, riding bicycles and running more frequently than ever before. This has led to more people buying bicycles.

While some Giant bicycles may not be the most budget-friendly option for beginners, they’re definitely still worth considering, especially if you intend on sticking to the activity. 

The great thing about Giant bicycles is that you can find an abundance of Giant bicycle accessories that are compatible with all of their models. This lets you customise your bicycle however you want, ensuring superior comfort, convenience and performance.

So, whether you’re planning on becoming a road cyclist, a mountain biker, or someone who plans on riding for exercise a few times a week, you’re bound to find a Giant bicycle that fits your needs. Here are some of their most popular models.

Road Bikes

TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc

This model might not look different from its predecessor, but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that it’s been completely revamped to be more aerodynamic, stiffer and lighter. All of these things make it the best all-around road bikes available on today’s market.

It weighs only 6.5kg and it’s built to be stiff for exceptional pedalling efficiency and laterally flexible for hard cornering. It sports a clean look and tubeless carbon rims and spokes.

The only downside to this high-end road bike is its price tag that’s a whopping $13.499 (AUD). Should you go for this model, regular cleaning and maintenance can help protect your bike so you can get the most of it. 

TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc

The TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc is the more budget-friendly alternative to the SL 0 Disc. It’s built with stiffness, speed and comfort in mind. It features a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and a broad range cassette offering you all the gears you need to ride on any surface.

It also features Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes that provide reliable stopping performance and outstanding modulation consistently. Last but not least, it features the renown Giant’s tubeless wheel system. This road bike comes at about $4.500 (AUD).

Road-E + 1 Pro

Even though electric bicycles in Australia have grown in popularity, it’s not that often you see a performance road bike that features a pedal-assist motour. Giant, as one of the manufacturers at the forefront of pushing new technologies, has changed that with the E + 1 Pro.

This model is packed with features that cater to riders looking to ride for longer or faster. The frame is made of Aluxx-SL aluminium, and the bike features rechargeable Giant EnergyPak lithium-ion batteries, Giant SyncDrive Pro motour and a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain. 

This bike is available in multiple sizes, so no matter if you’re male, female, or want to buy one for your kids, you’ll find a suitable model. As you can notice, this bicycle is made using Giant’s own motours, batteries, etc., meaning you can easily find replacement parts and Giant bicycle accessories should you ever need them.

Mountain Bikes

Trance Advanced Pro 29 1

This is one of the best mountain trail bikes ever, and the new version keeps all the fundamentals of previous models, but it also comes with upgrades that push its performance even further.

For instance, the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain is replaced with a Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain. The suspension on the Trance Advanced Pro 29 has only 115mm of rear travel, but you can ride it as if it had 160mm due to its slack head angle and long reach.

While this isn’t something groundbreaking, Giant has really committed to it, making it standard.

Anthem Advance Pro 29 1

The Anthem Advance Pro 29 is considered the ultimate cross-country race bike. It features a carbon frame, carbon XCR 1 29 wheels, a Fox Float DPS performance Elite shock, 100mm Fox 32 Float SC Performance Elite fork and 90mm rear wheel travel Maestro suspension.

This mountain bike is capable of powering over steep trails, allowing you to quickly pedal away from competition, and provide an enjoyable ride for casual riders.

Talon 29 1

The Talon 29 1 is a hard trail bike, ideal for those who want to get into racing and those who want to explore singletracks. The newest version comes with quite a few upgrades, such as a single 10-speed drivetrain, updated geometry, more rugged and wider tyres and an SXC32-2 RL 100mm suspension fork.

The Talon is a great choice for those who are new to racing and are into recreational riding. Its lower stack and shorter reach make it a great alternative for people looking for a more comfortable, upright ride.

Commuter Bikes

Escape 1 Disc

This bicycle is equipped to take on the city streets and cinder rail trails. The Escape 1 Disc doesn’t come with racks and fenders by default, but you can get mounting Giant bike accessories to add them should you choose to do so.

The bicycle has an upright riding position, allowing you to take in the surroundings and pay attention to traffic, while the damped ride won’t beat you up when riding for extended periods of time.

It also features a double-chainring drivetrain that offers a broad range of gearing allowing you to handle most types of terrain.

Lastly, the Escape 1 Disc features puncture-resistant rubber tyres to prevent punctures from the potholes, glass and debris from inner-city roads.

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