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Best Folding Bike Bags [5 Great Carriers for Your Bike]

Folding bikes are fantastic. They’re convenient, save on space and are brilliant if you commute to work and bicycle storage is an issue. A folding bike requires a bag to realise its full potential, though. Being able to carry your bike on busses, trains and even planes opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Here’s a rundown of the best folding bike bags on the market today.

Best Ways to Carry a Folding Bike

There are lots of different ways to carry a folding bike. Some people choose to attach their folded bike to a backpack, others opt for a hard shell case. Both of these have their drawbacks (the backpack option exposes bikes to the elements and cases are heavy) so a bike bag makes a great alternative.

Folding bikes are all about convenience without sacrificing performance. Your carrying solution shouldn’t compromise this.

Most bike bags are fully waterproof, lightweight and provide a comfortable way to carry your bike at the end of a journey. They’re useful for commutes and can be lifesavers if there isn’t much storage where you work. They’re even better for long-distance travellers and mean that you can take your bike literally anywhere in the world.

Best Folding Bike Bags [Top 5]

Given how useful they are, folding bike bags are in high demand. This, in turn, means that the market is crowded with a lot of choices!

Here’s a breakdown of our top five picks.

1. The Brompton Travel Bag


✅ Extra manoeuvrability

✅ Multiple carry options

✅ Reinforced sides

Given their specialisation with folding bikes, it should come as no surprise that Brompton lead the way with their premium bag. It isn’t the cheapest on the list, but for the price you get quality materials, four wheels and some excellent features including a tilted base for enhanced manoeuvrability and multiple carrying options.

This is the bag to choose if you plan to take your bike on a long journey. Those four wheels make navigating a crowded airport or train station a breeze, and the specially engineered base ensures agile movement. The sides are reinforced with plastic panels (perfect for protecting your bike in a plane hold or a luggage rack) and tension straps secure the bike inside – it won’t move around.

Price is the biggest drawback here, but if you’re willing to pay a little extra for top of the range security and manoeuvrability you need look no further. With a weight of just 3.2kg, it’s surprisingly light and you can choose to carry it using a shoulder strap or one of several side handles. There’s even an extra pocket for storing smaller items. This is a bag that gives you freedom to roam, albeit with a (quite steep) price tag.

The Brompton Travel Bag Pros + Cons

High quality, premium bagExpensive
Four wheelsPairs best with Brompton bikes
Excellent for long distance travelOnly one colour

2. Halfords Folding Bike Bag


✅ Low price

✅ Water, oil and weather poof

✅ 140 litre capacity

If you baulk at the price of the Brompton (or are just looking for a budget option to carry your bike around in the daytime) then you can’t go far wrong with the Halfords Folding Bike Bag. Halfords know their bikes and this no frills offering doesn’t disappoint.

It’s by no means bursting with features and innovation, but for the price you get an exceptionally sturdy bag that’s fully water and weather proof. Better still, it comes with padding around the shoulder and also the hip (an area that too many bags neglect). With a generous 140 litre capacity, it will store bikes up to 20 inches, so you won’t be stuck for space. If you own a smaller, lightweight bike and don’t want to add much bulk with a bag, this is a fantastic option.

This bag folds small and can easily be attached to a rear pannier rack. It’s oil resistant too, so you won’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty as you carry your bike. That’s really where the features end, but this is a bag that puts economy and functionality at the forefront of its agenda. There aren’t any frills or designer tweaks, but if you just want a bag that works (and you don’t want to break the bank paying for it) this is the place to look.

Halfords Folding Bike Bag Pros + Cons

Budget friendlyNo frills
Will keep your bike protectedNo additional pockets
Big capacityNo wheels

3. Rockbros Bike Transport Bag


✅ Two bags in one

✅ Shock proof

✅ Anti-foul interior

Holding an impressive 4/5 star average in Amazon reviews (from 85 ratings) the Rockbros manages to strike a compromise between cost, functionality and features. It’s a mid range offering that doesn’t skimp on premium additions like the 3mm thickened sponge interlayer designed to protect against bumps, jolts and shocks.

Although it’s sold as a one piece, the Rockbros actually consists of two bags: the carry bag and a backpack. The former is heavily protected with a shockproof bottom and shock absorbing tape. If you’re looking for a heavy duty, high protection case, then this might be for you. Fortunately, all of that protection doesn’t make it cumbersome or uncomfortable. The carry case has thickened handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

When not in use the case folds down small enough to be attached to handlebars or simply carried in the backpack. You won’t have to worry about cleaning either, since the interior is lined with anti-fouling fabric. This means that you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

The bag is lockable, and although it doesn’t come with wheels we think all that protection makes it ideal for use in an airport or on the train. Its sturdy design will see you safely through any journey.

Rockbros Bike Transport Bag Pros + Cons

Offers superior protectionNo wheels
Easy to cleanOnly holds bikes under 20 inches
Two bags for the price of oneSlightly heavy

4. Trancoss Bike Folding Travel Bag


✅ Biggest on the list

✅ Padded carry straps

✅ Internal pockets

If size is your motivating factor, look no further than the Trancoss. It will store bikes up to a massive 29 inches while leaving room for other gear and accessories. That makes it ideal for longer journeys, although a bag this big might be a little cumbersome for day to day travel. As you would expect from a quality product, the fabric is fully waterproof and highly durable. 

The interior is padded (though not to the same extent as the Rockbros) and should keep your bike secure against all but the roughest treatment. There’s padding on the shoulder strap too, which is surprisingly comfortable given the size of the bag. Obviously, a bag this large will always be slightly unwieldy, but Trancoss has done a fantastic job at making those straps as comfortable as possible. 

Best of all, this bag folds into an exceptionally compact package when empty. It’s light too, so you won’t have to worry about cycling with it attached to your bike. The Trancoss is surprisingly cheap. It falls in the mid-range price bracket without too many noticeable sacrifices. It doesn’t have the luxury feel of the Brompton or the extreme protection of the Rockbros, but for bigger bikes it’s a must.

Trancoss Bike Folding Travel Bag + Cons

Big and spaciousUnwieldy to carry
Comfortable carry strapsOnly light padding inside
Room for accesoriesOnly one carry option (shoulder straps)

5. Selighting Folding Bike Bag


✅ High density webbing

✅ Additional storage pouch

✅ Waterproof

It’s certainly not the largest, but the Selighting bag might just be the most durable on the list. Owing to its special, high density webbing, this bag can carry even the heaviest of bikes and will hold its shape for years. As long term investments go it’s a trustworthy option – and it’s even at the lower end of the price range!

The bulk of the bag is made from 600D polyester, making it exceptionally lightweight. A storage pouch makes it easy to pack accessories and other gear. Clever design keeps that pouch accessible even when the bag is folded down, so you can attach it to your handlebars and still grab what you need. 

Of course, the bag is also waterproof and it’s designed with public transport (trains, busses) and shorter journeys in mind. It might not have the additional protection required for a long haul bag, but it will certainly see you through shorter journeys without any problems.

Ultimately, this bag is all about that special webbing. If you’ve invested in a few foldable bike bags over the years only for them to wear out or lose shape, we recommend giving the Selighting a try. Over all, it’s a fantastic choice for lighter, smaller bikes.

Selighting Folding Bike Bag Pros + Cons

Will last for a long timeThe smallest on the list
LightweightDesigned for shorter journeys
Storage pouchOnly one shoulder strap

Folding Bicycle Bag FAQ

Can a Folding Bike Fit in a Backpack?

Not normally. Although there are some folding bikes small enough to fit inside a backpack (and backpacks big enough to house them) the usual way to pair the two is by strapping the bike to the outside of the pack.

Can You Put a Folding Bike in a Suitcase?

Although possible (with a big case!) putting a folding biking into a suitcase isn’t recommended. The bike will move around, exposing it to damage, and the combined weight of the two will be extremely heavy.

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