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Best Cycling Gifts for Dads [12 Presents They’ll Actually Use]

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Gift shopping: you either love it or hate it. What’s a joy for some is a headache for others. 

No one wants their gift to go to waste. There’s nothing worse than buying on impulse, hearing that unenthused “aww, thanks!” and knowing it’ll probably end up collecting dust until it’s eventually regifted or chucked. 

If you’re buying for your bike-mad Dad, you might be stuck for inspiration. Perhaps you tried the novelty cycling gifts last Christmas or Fathers Day, but they weren’t the instant hit you hoped they’d be.

Maybe he’s a practical man, but you can’t possibly gift him another pair of cycling gloves for the third year in a row just because you’re not sure what else he would appreciate.

Well, thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s run through the most practical cycling gifts your Dad will really treasure (no, we’re not just talking gloves and high-vis!). 

What is a Good Gift for a Cyclist?

So, what’s considered a good gift for a cyclist?

Dad or not, most cyclists appreciate the practical things. These don’t have to be flashy, expensive, or abnormally large. Something small and thoughtful that can be used time and time again is guaranteed to be a hit. 

If you think they have everything, you’re probably wrong. There’s always something we cyclists have meant to buy or replace but never got round to, or there might even be something useful you’ve seen that we’ve never considered.

Cycling Gifts for Him

Ready for a burst of inspiration? Let’s dive in…

1. Ass Savers Foldable Mud Guard

Why will he love it?

This foldable, clip-on mudguard stops cyclists from getting sprayed with mud and dirt when out riding. It’s so portable that it can be kept in a bag and taken out when needed. 

If your cyclist dad is always getting filthy on a ride, this is the perfect solution. 

2. Cateye Bar End Bike Mirror

Why will he love it?

This mirror can be attached to the bike’s handlebars to see what’s approaching.

It is a universal fit (meaning it will fit on pretty much any handlebars), and is constructed from aluminium and glass for a streak-free, distortionless view. 

3. Waterproof Backpack Cover

Why will he love it?

Every cyclist needs to keep dry on their ride. This waterproof backpack cover is guaranteed to keep your dad’s backpack and valuables dry in the rain, plus it’s got a very attractive price tag. 

This is a great choice for shoppers on a low budget looking for something durable, practical, and timeless. 

4. Wireless Bicycle Signalling System

Why will he love it?

A cyclist can control these indicators from a system that’s attached to their handlebars. 

With the touch of a button, the cyclist can indicate which way to turn without using their arms. These indicators are weather-proof and can alert pedestrians and nearby motorists with an audible beep. 

5. Bike Phone Holder

Why will he love it?

This phone holder comes with a unique custom fitting,  a universal fit to suit your dad’s phone, and it’s durable enough to cope with wear and tear. 

It also has a tool-free installation, so your dad can be set up and ready to go in minutes. If your dad needs to use his phone as a sat-nav on an adventure, this is a great gift idea. 

6. Rehook Plus – All-in-One Bike Tool

Why will he love it?

If your Dad loves an all-in-one tool, this compact piece from Rehook is an absolutel dream.

It is extremely light and easily fit in any pocket (or even be attached to the bike frame with the elastic strap provided).

Despite being so small, this tool can get your chain back on, tighten any nuts and bolts on the bike, remove spokes, remove tyres and more.

7. Personalised Leather Cycling Gloves

Why will he love it?

I know we promised gifts that aren’t cycling gloves, but these are too good not to include. 

They’re a little different from your standard cycling gloves. Not only can these be personalised, but they’re made from a leather and string crochet design, creating a lovely vintage look. 

If your dad would appreciate some unique, functional, and breathable gloves for warm and dry weather, these are perfect.

8. BikeParka: Lockable Waterproof Bike Cover

Why will he love it?

Leaving a bicycle exposed to the elements for significant periods of time will kill the bike quicker than you’d think.

This waterproof (and lockable) cover will protect his bike and keep it happy and healthy.

9. Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Kit

Why will he love it?

Everything he needs to keep his bike nice and shiny (and working well!) in one handy kit.

10. Sealskinz Waterproof Cycling Socks

Why will he love it?

Because there’s nothing worse than cold, wet feet.

11. Foldylock Clipster – Wearable Folding Lock

Why will he love it?

Locks are a necessity, but if you want one that will actually protect your bike, it’s normally bulky and heavy to carry around.

The Foldylock Clipster is an ideal solution as not only is it Sold Secure Bronze Rated, but it’s also extremely lightweight, compact and you can even clip it on to your waistband.

12. M1LE LONDON Commuter Trousers

Why will he love it?

Stretchy, stylish, water-repellent trousers designed for those on the go, offering a multi-purpose outfit for office commuters – from bike to boardroom. Smart enough for work, functional enough for the commute.

A classic slim-leg chino design made in Black and Navy, with reflective details, four-way stretch, water repellent, and incredibly comfy. They’re lightweight, quick-drying and easy to care for.

Want more ideas? Check out our ultimate gift guide for cyclists with 33 amazing suggestions!

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