Brooks Saddle Alternatives [3 Chic Budget Bike Seats]

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Brooks saddles are some of the most popular leather saddles on the market. Their premium quality comes at a high price, however. If you’re on a strict budget, or simply don’t think that the high cost is justified, fear not. There are some fantastic alternatives that won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

Price, quality of the leather, durability and comfort are all important when choosing a saddle. Here’s a rundown of our top 3 Brooks alternatives.

What is the Cheapest Brooks Saddle?

The cheapest Brooks saddles are the C15 and C17. Although these occupy the budget end of the range, they’ll still set you back £99.99, a price that some cyclists are simply unwilling to pay.

The C15 is a sports saddle built for riding on gravel and the road. It’s designed with fast touring in mind and it’s extremely flexible, perfect for a long ride. This saddle is also available carved for no additional cost. The C17 is a multipurpose saddle engineered to handle anything from touring to urban cycling. It’s only available as carved, with a hole to relieve pressure.

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Best Brooks Saddle Alternatives [Top 3]

If those saddles are still above your price bracket or you want to shop around, there are plenty of high quality alternatives out there. Brooks saddles are certainly premium, but they’re far from the only stylish leather saddles available.

Best Leather Bike Saddle Under £50

1. BLB Fly X


✅ Stylish, sophisticated design

✅ Premium quality leather

✅ Fully waterproof

✅ Comes in two colours

Perfect if you prefer a minimalist look, the BLB Fly X comes in at £49.99 and it’s crafted from premium quality leather. This is a classy saddle more than capable of competing with Brooks in the style department. Its aesthetic harks back to vintage Italian designs.

Not only does the Fly X look more expensive than it is, but it also has a high quality build. Best of all (and just like a Brooks saddle) the leather will mould to your shape over time. This makes for an extremely comfortable ride and means that the saddle could feasibly last a lifetime. As with all leather saddles, the Fly X is waterproof, weatherproof and will help to prevent overheating.

You can choose classic tanned leather or black, but both saddles look great on the bike. They’re a perfect example of less being more. The streamlined, minimalistic look is sophisticated and a subtly embossed, golden logo adds the perfect finishing touch.

2. Cinelli Scatto


✅ Eye catching and iconic design

✅ High quality synthetic leather

✅ Multipurpose

✅ Pressure mapping

The Scatto saddle is a joy to behold! Cinelli saddles are popular around the world for their bright, vibrant and imaginative designs. If you want to stand out from the crowd with a premium quality leather saddle, this is your go-to option: these saddles are iconic!

The Scatto is an all purpose saddle that will see you through urban and off road journeys. It’s made using high quality leather that’s fully waterproof. Sweat wicks fast from the leather surface and the saddle will mould to your shape with time. Pressure mapping on the padding makes for an even more comfortable ride.

Although the style is a big departure from the more restrained Brooks saddle, Cinelli is loved by cyclists around the world. It’s crafted from synthetic leather and there are multiple designs to choose from. Whichever you pick, you can be sure of one thing: this saddle is a statement piece like no other.

3. PedalPro Classic


✅ Incredibly cheap

✅ Genuine leather

✅ Shock absorbing springs

✅ Retro aesthetic

If cost is your biggest motivating factor; look no further than the PedalPro Classic. Not only is this the cheapest option on the list by a substantial margin, but it’s one of the cheapest saddles you’ll find anywhere. Despite the price, it’s genuine leather.

The saddle also comes with shock absorption springs and it’s surprisingly high quality given the budget price. Of course, the aesthetic is strictly no frills but we do enjoy the minimalistic, vintage stylings of this saddle. If the Scatto is too loud for your tastes, then you’ll probably love the PedalPro.

Those three shock absorbing springs make for a comfortable ride across even rougher terrain, and the leather feels luxurious. Attaching the saddle is simple, too, and won’t take more than a few minutes. As budget offerings go, you can’t really go wrong here. You’ll struggle to find a genuine leather saddle any cheaper than the PedalPro.

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