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Best Bike Wall Mounts: Top 8 for Indoor Home Storage

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Picture the scene. You’ve found the brand new bike you want, and you’ve finally saved up enough to buy it. You can’t wait to get on the saddle and ride around the city, spice up your commute on two wheels, go on weekend adventures or try out some gnarly mountain bike trails, but there’s one thing standing in your way: storage.

If you live in a city,  chances are you have a small apartment with limited storage space, and certainly not enough for a bicycle. There might be a communal bike shed, but the waiting list is probably years long (trust me, I’m still waiting for a spot in my block’s bike shed and it’s been FOREVER), and what do you do in the meantime?

Equally, even if you live in the suburbs or countryside and have access to an outbuilding to store your bike, you might not have enough space in your garage, or worry about knocking into your bicycle as it balances on its stand in your shed.

The good news is that you don’t have to let limited storage space get in the way of buying your flash new bike. If you’ve got a few metres of clear space on a sturdy wall in your home then you’ve got room to store your bike on a wall mount.

On this page, we’ll discuss the options for bike storage at home and go into the reasons why a wall mount might or might not be the best option for you, your space and your bike. Then we’ll go through 8 of the best wall mounted bike racks on the market right now, to make choosing the solution for you as easy as possible.

Best Bike Wall Mounts

  1. Stylish, minimalist, practical

    Oak Bike Shelf

    Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with this 100% oak, Amsterdam-designed bike shelf, offering a floating storage solution for bikes and accessories.

  2. Affordable, dual-bike storage

    Decathlon Wall Mount For 2 Bikes

    Effortlessly store two bikes with this affordable, minimalist black wall mount, supporting up to 30kg and compatible with classic frame designs for versatile home integration.

  3. Invisible, minimalist storage

    Hornit CLUG Bike Holder

    Experience ultimate minimalism with the Hornit CLUG, a barely visible wall mount adaptable for various bike styles, offering secure front tire storage and easy installation.

  4. Super minimallist

    STIKZ Bike Sticks

    Transform your bike storage with versatile Bike Sticks, offering adjustable angle support in a range of colors, ensuring a perfect match for your unique style and space.

  5. Folding, multi-use storage

    Mottez Folding 2 Cycle Wall Rack

    Opt for a clutter-free solution with this folding wall-mounted bike rack, accommodating two bikes of any style and conveniently folding flat when not in use.

  6. Affordable, straightforward storage

    Delta Leonardo Wall Mount Bike Rack

    Choose this wall mount bike rack for an affordable, uncomplicated solution, compatible with any wheel size, and featuring a padded design to protect your bike’s frame and rims.

  7. Compact, heavy-duty storage

    Vonhaus Wall Mounted Folding Bike Holder with Shelf

    Maximize storage with this sleek black Vonhaus folding wall-mounted bike rack, supporting two bikes up to 45kg, featuring anti-slip arms, accessory shelf, and space-saving design.

How to Store a Bike at Home

There are lots of different options out there for storing bikes at home, and which one is right for you depends on where you want to store your bike, how much space you have, and how you want to access your bike.

Wall mounts are, of course, one option, and these can be vertical or horizontal and come in different styles depending on your needs.

You can also get hoists for your bike, which is perfect if you want to store it in a roof space, but not so great if you use your bike regularly as it can be quite involved to get the bike up and down.

A pole-type floor-to-ceiling rack can be a good removable option for indoor bike storage, and often hold more than one bike at a time.

Another option is a free-standing rack, which is great for those who don’t have a sturdy and reliable wall or ceiling for a fixed rack, or who might need to move their bike storage around the home.

Whatever you’re using, it’s also a good idea to incorporate a wall or ground anchor to lock your bike securely in place and keep it safe from thieves.


Are Wall Mounts Bad for Bikes?

No, wall mounts are not bad for bikes. Some worry that because, in many wall mount styles, the bike is hanging on its wheels, it is bad for the bike, but the mount will not damage the bicycle or its tyres.

Remember that bikes are designed to withstand weight and the force of the road, but to provide extra care for your bike ensure you’re using vinyl hooks to prevent scratches and hanging the bike with two points of contact to spread the weight. This might mean having one wheel resting on the floor, or having the bike frame sit on two hooks on the wall so that the bicycle is securely held.

Of course, you should remember to fix your wall mount to a sturdy wall and ensure it is properly installed for safety. You should also consider the weight of your bike and how easy you will find it to put on and take off the bike whenever you need to ride it — for example, you might not want to lift a heavy bike over your head every morning and evening, so you should make sure your bike is stored at an accessible level.

Ultimately, wall mounts are not bad for bikes, and are an excellent option for indoor bike storage when you don’t have a lot of space to play with.


What is the Best Way to Hang a Bicycle on a Wall?

There are many options for hanging a bicycle on a wall, from wall sticks to wheel mounts, folding bike hooks to multi-bike storage, and the best way is whichever suits your needs and available space.

You might choose wall sticks for a simple, minimalist look, or folding bike hooks when you need the mount to fold flat when not in use. If you have more than one bike, a rack with the option to store multiple bikes at once could be ideal, and if you need to make sure your bike is locked in place (for example, if you’re worried about your expensive e-bike getting stolen), there are options for lockable wall mounts too.

There are also plenty of options for varying budgets, with some wall mount options costing less than £10. If you’ve got cash to splash, you can get stylish and secure wall mounts for over £100 too, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent wall mount that both looks good and does the job.

Next, we’ll show you 8 of the best options for hanging a bicycle on a wall, with options suitable for all budgets, space allowances and levels of accessibility required.

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Best Wall Bike Rack (Top 8)

1. Oak Bike Shelf

  • UK Flag £120
  • US Flag $140
  • EU Flag €140

Prices are approximate

  • Max Load: 12.5kg


Stylish and minimalist


This 100% oak bike shelf on Etsy ticks all the boxes for me: stylish, minimalist and practical, it’s great for safely storing your bike and making it a feature in your home.

This shelf is designed in Amsterdam, so you know they know their bikes, and creates a ‘floating’ effect which can store your bike as well as any accessories or trinkets you like.


  • Makes bike a decorative feature
  • Stylish and sustainable
  • Comes with all mounting hardware


  • Only holds light racing bikes
  • Quite pricey

2. Decathlon Wall Mount For 2 Bikes

  • UK Flag £20
  • US Flag $20
  • EU Flag €20

Prices are approximate

  • Max Load: 30kg



Holds multiple bikes

This wall mount is affordable, simple and holds two bikes, and can support up to 30kg of weight. It’s compatible with bikes with a classic frame design as bikes are held by the frame, and has four pre-drilled holes so you can easily attach it to your wall.

It’s not deliberately stylish, but the minimalist black design means it will fit in with any home decor, whether in your living room, hallway or garage.


  • Affordable
  • Simple black design
  • Holds up to two bikes


  • Only for certain bike frames

3. Hornit CLUG Bike Holder

  • UK Flag £15
  • US Flag $20
  • EU Flag €20

Prices are approximate

Simple and minimalist design

Holds any bike – lean on wall

Extremely affordable

If you’re looking for minimalism, look no further: when your bike is hooked into the Hornit CLUG, you’ll barely be able to see the wall mount.

The Hornit CLUG comes in different designs for different bike styles, and works by holding the front tyre in place on the wall while the bike balances on the rear. Plus, it’s easy to install with the included screw and wall plug kit.


  • Very small
  • Different models for different bikes
  • Holds bike vertically


  • Bike not flat against wall

4. STIKZ Bike Sticks

  • UK Flag £35
  • US Flag $40
  • EU Flag €40

Prices are approximate

  • Max Load: 20kg

Multiple sizes

Minimalist style

Simple but effective design

Bike sticks are an excellent versatile option for hanging your bike on a wall. You can use them to support your bikes’ frame at different angles depending on the space you have available, and they have a very simple design.

These bike sticks on Etsy come in a range of colours, from natural wood tones to bold blue and peach, so you’re sure to find a design that suits your style.


  • Versatile
  • Simple design
  • Many colours to choose from


  • No space for accessories
  • Not collapsible

5. Mottez Folding 2 Cycle Wall Rack

  • UK Flag £20
  • US Flag $25
  • EU Flag €25

Prices are approximate

Max Load: 40kg

Folds flat when not in use

Holds two bikes


Folding wall mounted bike racks are an ideal solution when you don’t want pegs and poles sticking out of your wall even when your bike isn’t mounted, and this one from Halfords is a perfect example.

It is easy to install, holds two bikes, and is universal and suitable for all styles of bike. It folds flat when not in use, and is useful for storing bikes securely and for use when repairing or cleaning your bike.


  • Folds flat when not using
  • Holds two bikes
  • Affordable


  • Red colour is quite bold

6. Delta Leonardo Wall Mount Bike Rack

  • UK Flag £15
  • US Flag $20
  • EU Flag €20

Prices are approximate

  • Max Load: 18kg


Universal for all wheel sizes

 Padded hook won’t scratch frame

If you’re looking for a cheap, simple wall mount bike rack that does the job, look no further than this one from Tredz. It consists of a simple hook which holds your bike’s front wheel in place and is compatible with any wheel size. The padded design means it won’t scratch your frame or rims, and it’s perfectly simple and effective.


  • Simple design
  • Won’t scratch frame
  • Compatible with any wheel size


  • Bike not flat against wall

7. Vonhaus Wall Mounted Folding Bike Holder with Shelf

  • UK Flag £20
  • US Flag $25
  • EU Flag €25

Prices are approximate

Holds multiple bikes

Folds when not in use

Built-in shelf for accessories

This folding wall mounted bike rack from Vonhaus holds up to two bicycles with a combined weight of 45kg with anti-slip arms on a heavy-duty steel frame. It has a shelf for storing accessories like a helmet, and folds flat against the wall when not in use.

Its sleek black colour means it will blend in with any decor, and it is designed to hold the bike parallel with the wall so it won’t stick out into the room too much.


  • Anti-slip arms
  • Accessories shelf
  • Holds two bikes


  • Two adult bikes a squeeze

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