Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus – Review

Just over a year ago I reviewed two of the Bellroy wallets range, the Elements Pocket and Elements Sleeve. And, since that time, I have been using only these two wallets.

At first I was using the Elements Sleeve as my day-to-day wallet, and while I love the slenderness and effectiveness of the design, I missed being able to stow coins away. At this point I switched over the Elements Pocket and have stuck by it ever since. The thing that really sets Bellroy apart from all other wallet brands is the attention to detail that goes into all of their products. Everything is as slimline and minimal as possible, but still feature packed and absolute perfect for day-to-day life.

The latest addition to the Bellroy Elements family is the Elements Phone Pocket Plus, a wallet that – you guess right – can also store your phone.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus Review

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The Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus is essentially pretty much an enlarged version of the Elements Pocket – and that is no bad thing.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus Features

  • space for 2-10 cards
  • 5×10.8cm
  • all-weather leather (i.e. very water resistant)
  • space for a large smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S5 fits with space to spare)
  • section for SIM card
  • section for key
  • section for coins
  • space for passport
  • hard-wearing, water resistant zip

Basically, the Phone Pocket Plus is packed to the brim with space for bits and bobs that you might need on your person. But will it be replacing my previously Elements Pocket? In short: no.

While the wallet is great, and it really is – it’s just too big for my day-to-day use. And, more specifically, I don’t want to have to unzip my wallet each time I want to use my phone.

However, what I have found it to be extremely useful for is for travelling – especially when you’re flying somewhere. In this wallet you can store everything – wallet, keys, money, passport, international SIM card – perfect.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus Wallet

Other useful times for this wallet are when you’re going for a hike or camping, or – importantly – cycling. If you’re going on a long ride, or you don’t trust having your phone lose in a pocket – this does the job immaculately and, with the multiple storage slots inside the wallet – there’s no need to worry about your phone being scratched by your keys or loose change.

In essence, the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus is the ultimate slimline wallet for when you’re on the move and, as ever, the quality is top notch.

Obviously a product of this calibre will come at a price – and it does – at £89 with free standard delivery to most locations. If the price puts you off, Bellroy also have the standard Elements Phone Pocket which is a very similar product although a bit smaller. The standard Elements Phone Pocket is available for €69 (£52) for the 8.5×14.1cm model (which fits a iPhone 5/5s or equivalent), or €89 (£66) for a slightly larger 9.2×15.5cm model (fits an iPhone 6 or equivalent).

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus

Overall though, if the price doesn’t put you off and you’re looking for a wallet to store all your daily essentials, I couldn’t recommend the Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus highly enough.

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus












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