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The Rise and Rise of Athleisure Clothing

We all know trends come and go. Some make fleeting statements and others affect the culture of style, whilst others, like high-vis wear evolve and new expressions develop according to consumer need. This 2020, as a knock on effect of...

A Ride in the Park

Guest post by Jamie Fewery Since I took up cycling seriously four years ago I have combined commuting with leisure. The grind with the glory. The former has always been subject to the petty annoyances of urban life. Traffic, discourteous...

The Art of Cycling

Guest post from Tusk Journal’s Editor Alexander Lester.  Congestion charges, road tax, petrol duties, high interest rates, depreciation and parking meters, just six reasons (I could list many, many more) why the car and its once majestic beauty is being...

Swrve Cycling Trousers – Review

Searching for some trousers that can take regular use on the bike, look smart enough when you see clients and also actually be warm and comfortable is quite a task. One of the curses of a regular cyclist is the...

Vulpine Cycling Shorts – Review

Having swapped my clunky old hybrid for a beautiful (and very discerning) Cooper Kyalami to tackle my central London commute, it quickly became apparent that the least stylish thing on my bike (by quite some margin) was the rider. To help...


1. 🧥Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket
Stylish, waterproof and easy to throw in a bag.

2. 📍Sherlock Anti-Theft GPS Bike Tracker
Get alerted if your bike moves without you.

3. 👖DUER All-Weather Denim
Waterproof cycling jeans - need I say more?

4. 🪖LIVALL BH60SE Smart Bike Helmet
A helmet with lights that plays music.

5. 🥾Chrome Storm 415 Workboot
Waterproof shoes. No more soggy feet.