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The Rise and Rise of Athleisure Clothing

We all know trends come and go. Some make fleeting statements and others affect the culture of style, whilst others, like high-vis wear evolve and new expressions develop according to consumer need. This 2020, as a knock on effect of the coronavirus we’ve seen a huge rise in the uptake of cycling, cycling apparel and ath-leisure as society as a whole shifts to a more active lifestyle, increasingly snubbing public transport.

Wearing sportswear as casual clothing has been a firm part of our vocabulary since the 1970s. Today, Athleisure is so much more than just a style – it has become a lifestyle with high vis jackets, footwear and accessories on the rise. The apparel blends aesthetics from the sport, urban and fashion industries giving functionality, durability and versatility.

Not only has Athleisure reinvented casual wardrobes all over the globe, it has promoted the importance of a healthy lifestyle, body confidence and empowerment. It has encouraged us to be more (casually) active and given us a way to easily incorporate style into our on-the-go lifestyles creating greater styling ease as we switch gears from cycling to or scooting to our workday. 

We now interact with Athleisure for longer periods, be it jumping on the tube after a trip to the gym, to jumping on a ebike to make a quick journey, adaptable clothing has become part of our everyday life, and we cater to those who like us, value their style as well as their safety, particularly when engaging in more active commutes, such as cycling. 

Being safe and creating visibility for road users is an intrinsic part of our accessories. As every year in the UK, 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents we think road safety is not so much about cars as it is about pedestrians and cyclists, it’s about sharing the road with other users and making sure you can be seen.

That’s why I created Glow – a brand which creates wooly hats, scarves and snoods, that not only look chic, but also feature subtle reflective stitching so that you can look stylish from day-to-day but be clearly seen with our hi-vis designs in low light.

And, with people more health conscious than ever, it seems as though the athleisure phenomenon will continue to thrive.

This post is by Comet Chukura, the designer and founder of Glow and See.

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