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Ashmei Hooded Wind Jersey – Review: Do Stylish Cycling Jerseys Exist?

The biggest challenge I face when talking about Discerning Cyclist is explaining that it’s not a website about sporty cycling clothes (like Lycra products), but instead about everyday clothes that are great for cycling in.

When it comes to cycling clothing brands too, it can be a little hard to differentiate between good-looking sports cycling clothes and just good-looking clothes you can cycle in. Indeed, some brands, such as Ashmei who I’ll talk about shortly, dip their toe in both markets – catering to both road cyclists and casual commuters.

A few months ago I reviewed Ashmei’s t-shirt – which I loved. It was a casual-looking shirt that also boasted excellent cycling functionality thanks to its reflective, breathable and moisture-wicking properties. All so very Discerning Cyclist.

Ashmei also sent me a hooded wind jersey. Jerseys typically fall under the bracket of sporty cycling rather than everyday clothing, but this one is certainly in a grey area. A beautiful grey area.

Ashmei Hooded Wind Jersey

80% of this cycling jersey looks like a very good-looking slim fit jacket. There are two areas in which it leans in the direction of cycling though: it’s short front and long back, and the lack of pockets on the front. By just having a longer front, I would have no problem with wearing this “down the pub”, but unfortunately it falls just short in this area.

While it’s not quite an everyday garment, it’s looks and feels spectacular for cycling.

It’s very pleasing on the eye with a Scandinavian-esque minimalist design. The body is grey with black sleeves and features, as well some nice salmon pink detailing on the interior to give it a bit of pop.

Key Features

  • Stowable hood with leather strap
  • Reflective detailing
  • Lightweight but warm
  • Two rear zipped pockets + small elasticated pocket

From a functional point of view, despite being very light, it does a great job of keeping you warm on chilly days. There are also some really nice functional touches, my favourite of which is a clip for earphone wires on the back of the neck to keep everything in place when riding.

This is also a hoody with a hood… obviously. The jersey offers slight water resistance, but the hood fits pretty snuggly around your head and shouldn’t come down while riding, and will help keep your head nice and warm.

This cycling hoody really is made from a Merino wool blend and offers tonnes of stretch. While not designed for completely freezing conditions, it does a fantastic job of keep you warm on those days where there’s a chilly wind blowing about.

Although this jersey does look really good, for me it’s a little bit close to the “cycling top” line for my taste. However, if you’re a speedy rider looking for a cool looking hoody to keep you warm without dripping with sweat – the Ashmei Hooded Wind Jersey does an immense job.

The Ashmei Hooded Wind Jersey is also available in dark pink and blue, with prices starting at £74.50.

Pete Reynolds

Ashmei Hooded Wind Jersey













  • As stylish as jerseys get
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Too short on front for everyday wear


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