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Are VanMoof Bikes Good? (E-Bike Brand Explored)

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The popularity of E-bikes is soaring. Although sometimes controversial amongst more traditional cyclists, they currently account for a large proportion of all bike sales. VanMoof bikes are one of the most popular brands, but are they worth the price?

These bikes are renowned for their sleek, futuristic looks. They also make big promises around extended battery life, and come with a lot of built-in tech. If you’re wondering whether a VanMoof E-Bike is right for you, read on as we break down the important details.

How Long Has VanMoof Been Around?

VanMoof was founded in 2009 by the two Dutch brothers Ties and Taco Carlier. They established the company with the simple aim of developing a better city bike. Neither had any background in the cycling industry, but this made it easier for them to innovate.

The brothers sought to future proof cycling with new solutions and innovation. VanMoof has stayed true to that vision despite its exponential growth. It now comprises a fully global team, making it one of the leading urban cycling manufacturers.

Are All VanMoof Bikes Electric?

Given the company’s reputation for high tech features, it should come as no surprise to learn that all VanMoof bikes are fully electric. More than that, VanMoof bikes also have a sleek, instantly recognisable design that helps them stand out from the crowd.

VanMoof’s focus on electric bikes has allowed them to develop a range of innovations including extended battery life, anti theft systems, and features like the E-shifter. An accompanying VanMoof app provides owners with on demand help, tracking and data.

Although you won’t find other types of bike on sale from VanMoof, this specialisation has really helped the company to develop top of the range kit.

Where Are VanMoof Bikes Made?

True to its founders, VanMoof remains a Dutch company with its headquarters based in Amsterdam. As such, VanMoof bikes are manufactured in the Netherlands, although the company now has offices globally.

VanMoof became the most funded E-bike company in the world back in October 2021. It raised a staggering $128 million in just two years. That’s proof not just of VanMoof’s popularity, but the increasing prominence of E-Bikes generally. 

Image Credit: Vanmoof.com

Is VanMoof a Dutch Company?

Yes! Despite its global growth and outreach, VanMoof remains a Dutch company with headquarters in Amsterdam. Manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands and VanMoof is proud of its heritage.

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest cycling manufacturers in the world is Dutch. There are around 22.9 million bicycles in the Netherlands – more bikes than people!

Who Owns VanMoof?

Taco and Ties Carlier still own VanMoof, and the company operates on many of the same principles on which it was founded. Urban cycling, minimalism, and innovation remain at the core of VanMoof’s ethos.

The company has grown to include a 700 strong team, and 9 brand stores. Intriguingly, it also boasts 25 dedicated bike hunters on the staff roster to track down stolen vehicles. Various awards from the likes of Gizmodo, Wired and Red Dot are testimony to the company’s continued growth.

How Many VanMoof Bikes Have Been Sold?

There are 190k VanMoof riders around the world. VanMoof has benefited from wider trends within the cycling industry. A boom in cycling during the pandemic saw them record sales of over $100 million. A burgeoning interest in electronic bikes has also bolstered those figures.

VanMoof is undoubtedly one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world and it’s managed to raise income from other sources too. Investors including Gillian Tans (once CEO of Booking.com), Balderton Capital, and Norwest Venture Partners have significantly swelled its coffers.

image Credit: Vanmoof.com

Are VanMoof Bikes Good?

VanMoof’s sales figures don’t lie. Its E-bikes are incredibly popular and considered by many to be the best of the best. They combine long battery life with a smooth ride, innovative tech, and excellent anti theft interventions to protect your investment.

These E-bikes have always represented excellent value for money and the brand is up there with the best in the industry. With nearly silent operation, comfortable rides and a modern, distinctive design, it’s hard not to recommend VanMoof.

The accompanying app and forward looking nature of the company mean that your bike is future proof. There are a few minor niggles – some cyclists find the pedals a little slippy, and the electronic gear shift means that some will find changes slightly sluggish.

Are VanMoof Bikes Waterproof?

Although VanMoof bikes are waterproof, colder weather conditions can affect battery performance. You should recharge your bike indoors and at room temperature wherever possible. Nonetheless, VanMoof bikes themselves are waterproof.

That makes them a fantastic all-weather option. VanMoof also recently released a special poncho (named the Boncho). It keeps both rider and saddle dry, and it’s made from durable polyester and spandex. With a hood and full body coverage, it’s more like a wearable tent!

How Much Are VanMoof Bikes?

The VanMoof S4 is VanMoof’s entry level bike and is available to purchase starting at £2,148/$2,498. They certainly aren’t the cheapest electric bikes on the market, but that’s still a reasonable price given the quality and tech that you’ll receive. 

VanMoof’s S5 is available for $3,998 – and you can see a comparison of the S4 and S5 here.

As well as the upfront cost, buyers have the option to add some extras. Theft protection means that VanMoof’s team of Bike Hunters will track down any stolen bikes. Peace of Mind Maintenance gives you cover should anything go wrong, with responsive maintenance and repairs. The service also includes regular checkups.

Why is VanMoof So Expensive?

VanMoof’s are expensive because of their build quality, technological innovations and expected lifespan. These bikes offer a smooth ride, extended battery life, and stylish design. Their build is also unparalleled. As such, many cyclists consider them an investment.

That said, these are far from the most expensive E-Bikes on the market. VanMoofs are substantially cheaper than prestige brands like Stromer. The latest S3 and X3 models are also cheaper than their predecessors, despite packing in more tech. 

Are VanMoof Bikes Worth the Money?

VanMoof bikes are certainly worth the money if you regularly cycle through urban environments and are looking for a reliable E-Bike. They’re user friendly, the assistance is fantastic at matching your current effort, and battery life is impressive – some cyclists even report a range of over 100 miles!

The array of tech including the extremely effective turbo, the simple locking system, and the app bursting with features and data makes the price tag even more attractive. VanMoof is also renowned for its ongoing customer support post-purchase.

With all this in mind, these bikes represent excellent value for money.

Image Credit: Vanmoof.com

Where to Buy VanMoof Bikes

VanMoof maintains some bike shops around the country, but it’s much easier to purchase a bike online. The VanMoof website lists the models available along with all their features and optional extras. 

If you would still like to buy from the high street, the website offers a search function to find your nearest retailer. This way, you’ll be able to book a test drive and get a feel for the bike before committing.

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