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Are Specialized Bikes Good (and Are They “Worth” the Money)?

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Specialized has been revolutionising modern bike building since 1974. The company introduced the world to the first majorly produced mountain bike, the Stunt Jumper, in 1981.

You can find Specialized bikes among the world-leading models twinning races around the world, including The Tour De France, World Cups, and The Olympics. As such, Specialized is a safe choice for beginner, novice, and expert cyclists alike.

Specialized manufacture bikes for a variety of terrains and uses. They have ranges including mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, hybrid bikes, E- bikes, and touring bikes. Whatever your needs (or commute type), Specialized can provide the right bike.


Is Specialized a Good Brand? 

Specialized is a respected bike company. You can find their bikes in outlets around the world. They’re known for high build quality, as well as innovation, carbon frames, and state-of-the-art suspension technology. In short, Specialized has a reputation for quality within the biking community.

They’re also famous for being durable. Specalized is synonymous with reliability within the biking community. Bikes come with a lifetime warranty, and quality customer service. They will last for a lifetime. The London Ambulance Services Bike Unit use Specialized bikes for reliable transportation in urgent circumstances. 

How Much Do Specialized Bikes Cost? 

Specialised bikes can be expensive. However, with the high price tag you get a lifetime global warranty.

At the lower range, you can expect to find the Pitch for £399, the Rockhopper for £449, or the Sirus 1 for £499.

In the mid range you can find the Allez for £799, the Sirus 3.0 for £949 and the Rockhopper Expert for £1099.

Stepping into the higher ranges, you’ll find the S-works, Turbos, and Epic series for £9,000+. Specalized bikes tend to hold up in value too.


Why Are Specialized Bikes So Expensive? 

Specialized bikes are expensive. This is mainly due to their high quality. It’s also because of investment in research. Production numbers are low when compared to larger bike companies. This, paired with high demand, means that prices have risen.

The quality and reputation of Specialized is competitive and widely known. There are large investments in research for each bike. As such, the time involved in this drives prices up. The lifetime warranty has helped build a stellar reputation, and a devoted, confident customer base. This again has allowed prices to rise. 

Are Specialized Bikes Worth It? 

Yes, if you can afford the price tag! 

You get quality manufacturing, a dedicated customer base, world renowned bikes, and an impressive warranty. You will be guaranteed a great bike. The lifetime warranty is very reassuring.

The company uses quality components from brands like Shimano (another brand with a reputation in reliability). Specialized make their own parts too. The company uses 3D printing technology to create perfect components for their bikes.

The bikes are famous for frame build quality. Specialized utilises aluminium, carbon, and steel in different frame constructions.

The price tag might put off budget buyers. But if you’re in the market for a high-quality, well-known, reliable bike, then a Specialized bike is a great choice.

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Specialized Bikes FAQs: 

Is Specialized Owned by Trek? 

No, Trek do not own Specialized. They are separate companies, operating independently from each other. 

Are Specialized Bikes Made by Giant? 

Giant don’t make Specialized bikes. However, Giant help to manufacture Specialized bike frames. 

Where Are Specialized Bikes Made? 

Specialised research and design their bikes in California, USA. However, Merida manufacture them in Taiwan. 

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