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Are Osprey Bags Good for Cycling? [4 Best Cyclist Backpacks]

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Founded in California in 1974, Osprey has consistently been one of the biggest brands within the outdoor accessories market.

In recent times they have even produced some tote style bags as well as rolling luggage cases with the same robust design and material.

More conveniently, they also have a wide range of bags on the market that are suitable for all of your cycling and commuting needs. Chances are that you may have seen a colleague or friend riding into work with an Osprey bag.

Are Osprey Backpacks Waterproof?

Not all Osprey bags are waterproof. However, many bags in their range are either made from waterproof materials or alternatively come with a high quality waterproof raincover to protect the bag and items within.

You will find that the material used for the waterproof or water resistant bags are very effective: beading successfully in order to keep all of your precious belongings (even documents) protected, and more importantly dry, during rainy commutes in on the bike.

Are Osprey Backpacks Good?

Osprey produce a lot of very good all round bags. The bags are designed to be robust and last for a long time, so although they are a little on the pricey side they are aruably worth it.

They also have a good amount of range in their lines which means that you’ll be able to find a bag to suit your needs which are all durable and sustainably made as well as sourced.

Are Osprey Bags Good for Cycling?

Many of the bags that Osprey produce are good for cycling. Although the brand was not founded for cycling directly, over the years the brand has gained a lot of customers who are in the market for a cycling or commuting style backpack.

Whether that’s riding your mountain bike for days on end or riding along the city bike path to work, their bags will be able to accommodate your cycling needs and individual style.

Why Are Osprey Backpacks So Expensive?

Undoubtedly, the backpacks are expensive due to the high quality nature of the product, likewise, the fabrics used are sourced sustainably or recycled. Equally, the factories used are carefully chosen and audited by the Worldwide Ethic Alliance to ensure ethical practice is in place.

Moreover, you also have access to great customer aftercare, namely from their All Mighty Guarantee service which offers repairs to damaged products instead of creating a demand to replace.

Are Osprey Backpacks Worth It?

Osprey bags are arguably very much worth it. Especially when wanting to buy a bag once every decade or so instead of regularly.

Osprey want to ensure that their products are made to last in order to remain sustainable in reducing the amount of materials that ends up in landfill. Therefore, you get a long lasting durable bag that also helps the environment. Thus, paying a little more can be worth it in the long run.

Do Osprey Backpacks Go on Sale?

You can on occasion find Osprey bags on sale for a reduced price at big retailer, however, on the Osprey website there is an ‘Outlet’ dropdown section.

In this section you can find a large variety of their great rucksacks and bags at generously reduced prices. Environmentally friendly products and reduced prices, what’s not to love?

Best Osprey Cycling Backpacks [Top 4]

1. Osprey Radial

The Radial commuting day pack is a great all round commuting backpack for those who lead a busy and on the go lifestyle.

As standard the Radial comes with raincover as well as a special extra zippered expansion feature which adds 8 litres of capacity to your bag. A really useful addition for those of you who regularly need a little extra room.

Similarly, inside there’s also a shoe compartment which is great for storing work shoes in while commuting, also there’s the added feature of the LidLock™ attachment for a cycling helmet to be fastened onto when not in use. As well as that there’s also a range of internal pockets and a laptop sleeve.

The radial is available in two smart colours: black and succulent green/night jungle blue, offering both a dark and paler option. In addition, aesthetically the backpack is very casual looking instead of being bulky like some backpacks that almost have a pannier bag look to them.

Overall, the Radial is a great option for those of you who want a durable yet understated looking commuting backpack.


✅ Adjustable AirSpeed™ ventilated trampoline suspended mesh backpanel

✅ LED light attachment point

✅ Internal zippered shoe compartment

Sternum strap with emergency whistle

✅ LidLock™ bike helmet attachment

✅ Internal key attachment clip

✅ Integrated & detachable raincover


  • 100% 210D Nylon Dobby


  • Expandable 26 Litre to 34 Litre


  • UK: £135
  • EU: €150
  • US: $180

*correct at time of writing

An expandable bag built especially for commuting.

🇬🇧 UK: £135
🇪🇺 EU: €150
🇺🇸 US: $180

2. Osprey Metron

The Metron is another stylish commuting day pack which also comes with a handy raincover to protect possessions in the event of a rainy commute.

Inside of the bag you’ll find that there’s s a padded laptop sleeve as well as many internal pockets to keep your belongings organised and safe. Theres also an internal key chain clip to keep house or work keys safe and organised in the backpack.

Additionally, he Metron has a LidLock™ bike helmet attachment as well as a shoe compartment which are useful additions for storing both your helmet and shoes while at work, instead of having them stuffed under your desk or a locker.

Moreover, the bag is available in stylish succulent green or black. Both of which are in keeping with work attire and offer aesthetic versatility as the backpack in either tone can be used on a day trips as no one would know it was a bag built for commuting.

Generally, this backpack would be a great go to for those of you wanting a durable commuting bag with space and style.


✅ Front panel pocket

✅ LED light attachment point

✅ Internal zipped shoe compartment

Scratch free zip side pocket

LidLock™ bike helmet attachment

✅ Internal key attachment clip

✅ Integrated & detachable raincover


  • 100% 500D Nylon Packcloth


  • 26 Litre


  • UK: £125
  • EU: €140
  • US: $160

*correct at time of writing

A stylish backpack with space for all of your cycling gear.

🇬🇧 UK: £125
🇪🇺 EU: €140
🇺🇸 US: $160

3. Osprey Escapist

Next, designed for all types of biking and adventuring, the Escapist backpack from Osprey could make a fine choice for commuting.

Firstly, there’s a range of sizes to chose from that will suit everyones needs thus coming in three different capacities: 32 litres, 25 litres and 18 litres. Interestingly, all three options also have external hydration access and are reservoir compatible which makes the Escapist great for those who enjoy adventuring on the weekends.

Similarly, within the bag there is an internal compartment that has been designed especially for bike specific tools and spares as well as a sunglasses and electronics pocket to keep your valuables scratch free and safe.

Along with the choice of capacities, there is also a an option between two colours: either black or indigo blue which are both very practical colours for outdoor reacreation use.

Therefore, the Escapist is a versatile and useful bag arguably best suited to those who want a multi purpose rucksack for outdoor activities.


✅ BioStretch™ hipbelt and harness

✅ LED light attachment point

✅ Fully adjustable AirScape™ backpanel with foam ridges for comfort and fit

Zippered scratch-free sunglasses and electronics pocket

✅ LidLock™ bike helmet attachment

✅ Internal organiser for bike specific tools and spares

Compatible with Hydraulics™ and Hydraulics™ LT Reservoir




  • 32 Litre
  • 25 Litre
  • 18 Litre


  • UK: £120
  • EU: €140
  • USD: $160

*correct at time of writing

A supremely comfortable backpack for all kinds of adventures.

🇬🇧 UK: £120
🇪🇺 EU: €140
🇺🇸 US: $160

4. Osprey Arcane

Lastly, from the Arcane range, which has a selection of everyday bag and backpacks to chose from, the Arcane Roll Top is a great all round bag.

First off, this roll top backpack cleverly boasts a grab handle which improves upon both versatility and practicality: gone are the days of hauling around a big bulky bag. Making post work trips to the shop far easier to manoeuvre.

Internally, there is a documents sleeve as well as padded laptop and tablet sleeve to keep your electronics safe. As well as that, externally there’s a front ‘shove – it’ pocket, stretch mesh side and harness pockets.

Suitably, with the Arcane Roll Top the outer is adorned with metal harnesses to close shut, in addition you also get the choice of four neutral tone colours: stargaze blue, stonewash black, acorn red and milky tea tan. Additionally, the bag is also crafted using a 100% sustainable hemp and recycled polyester blend.

In conclusion, this is a stylish and robust choice for those who want a more stylish option for commuting and riding to the shops wearing


✅ Roll top

✅ AirScape™ backpanel with foam ridges for comfort and fit

✅ Harness quick-release for security attachment

Grab handle

✅ Metal buckles and componentry

✅ Padded laptop and tablet sleeve

Internal key attachment clip




  • 10L (Arcane Small Day)
  • 20L (Arcane Large Day – pictured)
  • 28L (Arcane XL Day)


  • UK: £80
  • EU: €90
  • US: $100

*correct at time of writing

A supremely comfortable backpack for all kinds of adventures.

🇬🇧 UK: £120
🇪🇺 EU: €140
🇺🇸 US: $160


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