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Are Bikes from Decathlon Any Good? [Analysis of Best Bicycles]

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Most likely you’ve walked into your local Decathlon to buy beach supplies or even a sleeping bag but, you may not have realised that they also offer a large range of bicycles. 

But, are they any good for commuting? 

Here we explore whether Decathlon bikes are actually any good, whether they’re durable, how Decathlon are able to produce such cheap bikes and ultimately whether Decathlon bikes are good value or not.

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Are Decathlon Bikes Good? 

Decathlon bikes have their place within the cycling world as a good entry level bicycle which for anyone who is looking for a reliable and durable well-priced commuter or first bike, it’s a good option.

With regards to buying on a budget, their bikes are definitely a solid option to consider; you’ll be hard pushed to find a brand new bike available of the same quality for a lower price.

Pete, the co-founder of Discerning Cyclist, is a big fan of Decathlon bikes due to the great value they provide and has owned several Decathlon bikes over the years.

Are Decathlon Bikes Durable? 

The range of bikes that you’ll find in Decathlon will more often than not be made out of aluminum, which when buying a budget friendly bike, is the best material to choose when seeking durability. 

For example, cheap carbon is not going to offer a comfortable ride and will be a lot more susceptible to damage in comparison to an aluminum frame of the same price. Making them a great bike for cycling to work.

Equally they also use componentry that is of good quality to build their bikes which you’ll therefore get a lot more mileage and durability out of in comparison to cheaper alternatives. 

Why Are Decathlon Bikes So Cheap? 

Decathlon own their own bike brands (such as B’Twin) as well as buy components in bulk: in the same way that many big online cycling retailers do.

This therefore means they cut out a middle man for the most part. Meaning that they can produce parts needed as well as sell their bicycles for a lower price in comparison to the bigger bicycle companies. 

Are Decathlon Bikes Good Value? 

As with the vast majority of products that you find on the shelves of your local Decathlon, regardless of the country that you are in, you get good value for your mone – especially considering several of their entry-level adult bikes start from under £200.

With these bikes, they may not be your top of the range super duper fancy racing machines, but the cycling market is a lot more than just that.

Equally, finance options are also offered through Klarna. Making these bigger purchases much more attainable and flexible for customers, which of course only adds to the value and affordability of their bicycle fleet. 

Best Decathlon Bikes for Commuting [Top 6] 

1. Riverside 500 Hybrid Bike

Pete’s Riverside 500

Pete (who runs Discerning Cyclist) bought the Riverside 500 after his previous Decathlon bike (the #1 ranked Hoprider 100) was stolen.

Although Pete was a big fan of the practicality of the Hoprider, he wanted to try out a lighter and slightly faster bike – while still enjoying the perks of front suspension and slightly chunkier tyres.

The Riverside 500 is a great value 9-speed bike that handles well and shifts easily through gears with the thumb shifter on the handlebars. This bike also comes with mechanical disc brakes which reduces maintainance while providing very responsive breaks.

Pete alternates between the Riverside 500 and his Himiway Cruiser Fat E-Bike for his daily 8km round-trip commutes.

Read the full Riverside 500 review here.


  • Easily change between the 9 speeds using a single shifter.
  • Ergonimic saddle for masximum comfort
  • Front suspension, ergonomic grips and hybrid tyres
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Adjustable position, versatile tyres for roads and trails.
  • Lifetime warranty: frame, stem and handlebar.
  • Available sizes S, M and L

A nippy all-rounder that is great for commuting.

🇬🇧 UK: £349.99
🇪🇺 EU: €299.99
🇺🇸 US: $549.99

2. Hoprider 100 Long Distance City Bike

The aluminium frame Hoprider 100 is part of Decathlon’s city bike range which has specifically been designed in mind for commuting needs. 

You get a lot for your money with this option, for example this bicycle comes complete with: kickstand, chainguard, mudguards and a rear pannier rack. Moreover, it also includes a Shimano Dynamo hub with LED lights that work while you pedal as well as reflectors that are attached to your wheels. 

Regarding specification, the Hoprider 100 has a total of 7 speeds, which is perfect for riding around any city and for commuting. It also has large 700CC (same as a road bicycle) wheels for a smoother and more efficient ride quality. 


  • 21-speed Shimano Altus or Acera, triple crankset
  • Rear pannier rack (max. load: 18 kg), chainguard, mudguard, stand
  • Height-adjustable stem, foam saddle
  • Shimano Dynamo hub with LED light, tyres with reflective strips
  • B’Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, fork, stem, and handlebar
  • Available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL 

A great all-round hybrid bike, built for practicality.

🇬🇧 UK: £399.99
🇪🇺 EU: €379.99
🇺🇸 US: $699.99

3. Riverside 120 Hybrid Bike 

Hybrids are a great all round versatile bike and a solid choice for those seeking all round value and ability in one bike. The price of this basic hybrid is hard to beat for the quality that you get. Aesthetically it’s available in two fun colours: either light grey or grey blue. 

A big advantage of this bike is that it’s easy to maintain due to its simple features such as, V brakes and a single chainring on the front: ideal for those buying a bike for the first time or wanting a self maintainable commuter.

Specification wise the Riverside 120 has 8 speeds which is changed using the B’Twin TS39 shifters and is also equipped with B’Twin Trekking hybrid road and trail tyres meaning you can venture off along city bike paths or dirt roads. It’s also compatible with many extra accessories such as kickstands and mudguards.


  • Easily change between the 8 speeds using a single shifter.
  • High-density foam saddle: ERGOFIT Comfort 500 Length: 275/Width: 144
  • Front and rear wheels with quick-release.
  • Adjustable handlebar height (70 mm).Saddle adjusts with a quick release.
  • Adjustable position, versatile tyres for roads and trails.
  • Lifetime warranty: frame, stem and handlebar.
  • Available sizes S, M and L

Possiblty the best "cheap" commuter bike in the world.

🇬🇧 UK: £229.99
🇪🇺 EU: €219.99
🇺🇸 US: $299.99

4. Elops 520 City Bike 


Classic styled city bikes are very much in at the moment and this beautiful old style Elops 520 is very much an eye-catching and stylish option for any trendy commuter or leisure rider looking for a quirky set of wheels. 

Aesthetically this bicycle is very in keeping with its vintage vibe, available in a retro dusty green colour with cream hybrid tyres. The frame also has a chainguard and mudguards attached on both the front and back wheels to keep you protected from the elements.

Similarly, there’s also pannier racks fitted both front and back as standard, making popping to the shop or commuting hassle free and easy. Specification wise there are 6 speeds on an external derailleur for improved versatility which is changed using an easy to use grip shift on the handlebars.


  • Ride comfortably thanks to the seated position typical of roadsters.
  • This is a safer bike thanks to its built-in LED lights and durable tyres
  • Ride in pairs: the pannier rack was designed to hold a stationary baby carrier.
  • Make your ride enjoyable: pannier rack, basket, anti-twist coil, 6 speeds
  • Keep it for a long time: lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar & fork.

A great value chic upright bicycle.

🇬🇧 UK: £299.99
🇪🇺 EU: €279.99
🇺🇸 US: $599.99

5. RC 120 Gravel Bike 


The RC 120 is Decathlon’s budget answer to the ever growing gravel scene and is great for those who relish adventures on the weekend and also want something for commuting on the weekdays. 

Aesthetically you wouldn’t know it was a budget option with its trendy olive green frame as well as black carbon forks paired with Hutchinson Overide 700×38 Tubeless Ready tan sidewall tyres. You can even swap to road tyres to easily double up as a road bike too.

The specification of this bike includes a single chainring on the front with 10 speeds and Promax DSK cable disc brakes, which offer very effective stopping power yet are straightforward to maintain. Additionally, you can also fit panniers to improve its functionality as a potential commuter or bikepacking rig. 


  • Comfortable geometry, raised position, carbon fork, alu frame
  • Can take a mudguard and pannier rack in the front and/or in the back.
  • Mechanical disc brakes: effective and progressive, even in damp conditions
  • Lifetime warranty on: frame, stem, and handlebars.
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

A fast and beautiful bike for trails and roads alike.

🇬🇧 UK: £599.99
🇪🇺 EU: €629.99
🇺🇸 US: $899.99

6 . Electric City Bike Elops 120E 


Last but not least, the incredibly well priced Electric City Bike. Here you have a modern E-bike in a classic city bike style with a frame made from 100% steel for added comfort: it really wouldn’t look out of place in the streets of Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

This is such a great price for an electric bike and would be the perfect choice for anyone looking for a shopping bike, general a-b travel or commuting bike. Benefiting from the comfortable riding style of a city bike, yet with the added benefit of a motor. What’s not to love? 

Regarding the electrical side of this bicycle, it uses a rear wheel motor: 36 volts, 250 Watt max and the battery life lasts: up to 30 km maximum in mode 3 (maximum assistance level), 60 km maximum in mode 1 (lowest assistance) for a user weighing 70kg on relatively flat terrain. Meaning you can go farther and faster – and all on a budget. 


  • Rear wheel motor: 36 volts, 250 Watt MAX, 35 Nm MAX and pace sensor
  • Straight back position on the bike to guarantee great comfort
  • 36 volt, 8.7 Ah (313 Watt.h) lithium-ion battery 30-60 km max (for 70kg user)
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.
  • 2-year warranty on parts, with normal use of the bike.
  • One size

The best value e-bike for city riders.

🇬🇧 UK: £749.99
🇪🇺 EU: €799.99
🇺🇸 US: $999.99

Therefore, overall, if you want a great priced bike that you can also buy on finance then look no further. Decathlon’s range and value for money is hard to beat, especially given most major cities and towns in Europe have their own store, making cycling more accessible and affordable.

That I can definitely get behind.

However, you can also find well priced commuting bicycles in other places. For instance, we didn’t mention a folding bike on a budget but if you wanted to find one there’s many out on the market available at other retailers.

Budget bikes don’t have to be basic – they can be fun and stylish too. 


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