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Are Cowboy Bikes Worth It? [E-BIKE ANALYSIS]

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The Short Answer

Cowboy bikes are known for their sleek design, agile ride quality, and cutting-edge technology. While they come with a higher price tag, they offer a premium cycling experience and extensive support. If you value quality, support, and urban cycling, Cowboy bikes are worth the investment.

E-bikes are big business in the cycling world. Sales rose by 23% in 2020 alone and are projected to reach as high as 3.7 million by 2030. Cowboy bikes are one of the most popular brands. The company claims to offer a smooth and agile ride backed by a range of cutting edge technology and apps.

Those promises have been enough to entice plenty of riders – but do Cowboy bikes really justify their price tag? Read on as we break it down.

IMAGE CREDIT: Cowboy.com

How Long Has Cowboy Bikes Been Around?

Cowboy Bikes was founded in January 2017 to revitalise urban cycling. The company’s rise has since been meteoric. It started selling to the domestic market and managed to generate €1 million sales in its first four months.

From then on, the story of Cowboy Bikes is near unbroken success. It raised €10 million to start selling across other European markets and capitalise on the e-bike boom. Sales continue to increase as the company’s reputation grows. Cyclists are attracted to the sleek design and the technology, both of which enhance the cycling experience.

Where are Cowboy Bikes Made?

Cowboy bikes are made in Belgium, where the company’s head office is also located. Although Cowboy Bikes has expanded to sell across Europe (and build some of the most popular e-bikes in the world) they remain true to their heritage with operations based in their home country.

Are Cowboy Bikes Good?

Cowboy Bikes has a reputation for producing some of the best e-bikes in the world. The bikes combine sleek design, agile ride quality and technology to offer a nearly unparalleled cycling experience. Since these bikes are designed purely for urban cycling, they’re a great choice for city dwellers.

There are just so many reasons to love these bikes. Their handling and ride quality are both industry-leading. The agility of a Cowboy Bike will see you safely through even the most congested urban areas. Smart features like phone charging and a long lasting battery make the package even more attractive. These bikes are fast too, so you’ll be able to whizz through traffic.

How Fast is a Cowboy Bike?

Cowboy Bikes can reach speeds of up to 15.5mph but are capped at that level by the European speed limit. That’s still pretty fast, and the agile handling gives the bikes a sensation of additional ‘zip’, making them feel even speedier.

Although they are necessarily limited by speed restrictions, Cowboy bikes used to be able to go faster. Cyclists could engage the off-road mode to boost speeds up to 19 mph (along with a sportier ride position) but this is no longer possible.

IMAGE CREDIT: Cowboy.com

Cowboy Bike Range

The Cowboy Bike range features three flagship vehicles. The Cowboy 4 is a great all round choice, or you can opt for the open frame Cowboy 4 ST. The previous itineration of these is the Cowboy 3 – it’s cheaper but still packs a quality punch.

Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll get Cowboy’s famous streamlined and minimalistic look. These bikes are incredibly sleek and their scaled back design has earned them plenty of fans. Extended battery life, smartphone functionality, 2 year warranty and a comprehensive support package come with every model.

How Much Are Cowboy Bikes?

Cowboy e-bikes certainly aren’t the cheapest on the market. The Cowboy 4 and ST will set you back £2,469. Even the older Cowboy 3 costs a hefty £1,990. These bikes are certainly more expensive than many of their competitors.

You get more than just a bike, though. Owning a Cowboy bike gives you access to the company’s extensive support network. In app customer service, over-the-air diagnostics and position tracking mean that you’re getting unprecedented support. Cowboy Care (on demand maintenance) and theft insurance can also be added as optional extras.

Why Are Cowboy E-Bikes So Expensive?

Cowboy e-bikes are some of the more expensive available, but with good reason. The ride quality and agility of these bikes are unmatched. Long battery life, smart features (like phone charging) and that on demand customer support all explain the price tag.

Design is important too. Many people consider the minimalistic stylings of Cowboy e-bikes justification alone for the price. Build quality is high and, as the company continues to go from strength to strength, it’s worth buying into the Cowboy infrastructure now. Stylish bikes always carry a price tag and Cowboy are no exception.

Are Cowboy Bikes Worth the Money?

E-bikes are getting more popular by the year and will play a massive role in the future of cycling. Cowboy bikes are a worthy investment because of their quality build and the levels of support you’ll receive from the company.

These bikes will last a long time, and Cowboy is only going to increase the number of smart features included. Cowboy designs its e-bikes with a firm focus on urban cycling. If you live in the city and use your bike to commute, you can’t go far wrong with a Cowboy e-bike.

Whether a bike is worth the money ultimately comes down to personal preference, but you won’t find many higher quality e-bikes on the market.

Where to Buy Cowboy Bikes

Cowboy Bikes can be purchased via the Cowboy website (where you’ll also find a list of available countries for shipping). The company has expanded dramatically in a short space of time and ships to almost all of Europe and the United States.

The website also gives potential buyers the chance to take a bike for a test ride. This is a great way to get a feel for your new Cowboy Bike before taking the plunge – useful given how much these bikes cost. Test drives are available in most countries.

Best Cowboy Electric Bikes

Cowboy Bikes specialise in a small range so you know that whatever model you choose, you’re guaranteed a quality bike. The Cowboy 4 is the most up to date model. It comes with the longest battery life and cutting edge technology.

Whether you opt for the C4 or C4 ST is a matter of taste; you’ll get the same features and functionality. The older C3 model is cheaper but lacks some of the functionality associated with the top end of models.

Cowboy C4 vs Cowboy C3

Deciding between the C4 and the C3 comes down to a matter of cost and future proofing. The C4 is the most recent release and carries the most up to date technology. It’s also more expensive. The C3 is older, but the compromise means a lower price.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two.

Cowboy C4Cowboy C3
Most up to date modelCheaper option
More expensiveSame battery range as C4
Mudguards added as standardAccess to the same apps
Choice of framesLimited to one frame style
Redesigned, sleek dashboardNo kickstand optional extra
Wireless phone charging addedSlightly lighter

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