Are Cannondale Bikes Good (and Are They “Worth It”)?

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The Short Answer

Cannondale bikes are highly regarded in the cycling world and are considered worth the investment. Known for their innovation, technology, and high-quality performance, Cannondale offers a range of bikes for different purposes. While they can be expensive, the brand’s reputation and cutting-edge designs justify the price tag.

Consistently found up there with the very best cycle manufacturers, Cannondale has a rich and enduring history in both mountain and road bike sectors. Cannondale is a name synonymous with innovation, having long been at the vanguard of cycling technology. It’s is a universally recognised name in the bike world.

The burning question, however, is: ‘are Cannondale bikes good?’


Is Cannondale a Good Brand?

Of course, all cyclists will agree that Cannondale bikes are good. And they may agree that they’re definitely worth the (sometimes hefty) price tags. Some of the models at the upper end of the brands’s road and MTB ranges are well into the thousands.

However, like a lot of things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. Roughly translated, if you pay a premium for a product, you’ll receive a premium product in return for your investment.

What cyclists get with a Cannondale is one of the best bikes money can buy. 

Which Company Owns Cannondale?

As of October 2021, Pon Holding became the new owner of Cannondale bikes. This was after the company after acquired the previous owner, Dorel Sports, in a corporate merger. The deal saw Pon Holdings become the world’s largest bicycle company, surpassing Giant Bicycles. 

Are Cannondale Bikes Made by Giant?

No. Cannondale bikes are not made by Giant. Until 2021, the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was a division of Dorel Industries’ Sports arm. 

Where Are Cannondale Bikes Made?

Cannondale bikes are predominantly manufactured and assembled in Taiwan, with some of the more competitively-priced bikes being produced in Vietnam. That being said, some assembly still takes place in Cannondale’s US birthplace. 

Are Cannondale Bikes Worth It? 

Yes. Cannondale bikes are worth it, not least because they’re regularly mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Specialized. Which is hardly surprising, when you consider that the very latest of the brand’s road bikes are used by professional teams competing in the Tour de France. This confirms Cannondale’s presence in the big league. 


Why Are Cannondale Bikes So Expensive?

One of the reasons Cannondale bikes are so expensive is due to the innovation and technology incorporated into its bikes. After all, Cannondale was trailblazing SmartForm, CAAD and BallisTec aluminium frames (albeit oversized ones) when rivals were still using steel.

The brand positioned itself at the cutting edge of bike design with the advent of carbon and titanium materials. Pioneers of fusing light, yet stiff, frame technology, Cannondale’s premium products are renowned for tech advancements, as much as performance, and overall presentation quality.

This helps explain why during the 1990’s and 2000’s, their bikes were so coveted globally. 

Other things setting Cannondale apart from Specialized and Trek is the way the bike manufacturer is perceived by cycling fans. You’ll hear the words ‘unique’ and ‘niche’ being bandied about, pretty much from when Cannondale came into being in 1971.

Whether it’s Lefty, Kingpin and SAVE micro-suspension and forks, or the infamous hollowgram and Head Shok cranks, Cannondale has never shied away from being bold and experimental in its approach to bike design. 

How Much Do Cannondale Bikes Cost?

There’s a large variation on the cost of Cannondale bikes, with one of the most expensive of the brand’s current road bikes having a price tag of £11,500. This is the 2022 SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Disc Dura-Ace Di12.


The £6,300 2021 model Scalpel Carbon SE LTD MTB is the most expensive of Cannondale’s mountain bike offerings, while the 2021 Topstone Neo Carbon 1 Lefty, costing in the region of £7,999, is amongst the most expensive of Cannondale’s electric road bikes. It’s a very appealing bike for the urban commuter.

However, there are bikes for every budget, as well as purpose, in the range. Numerous MTB and electric hybrid bikes can be found for under £1,000, along with the odd road and gravel alternative.

What’s more, bike commuters will be excited to learn that Cannondale has launched its eagerly-anticipated new electric commuting bike. Squarely aimed at the urban and commuter market, the Tesoro Neo X is destined to become a top seller for Cannondale. 

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