Ancheer Review: Are Ancheer E-Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image with four Ancheer bikes.

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The Short Answer

Ancheer e-bikes are budget-friendly and offer a reliable riding experience with rear hub motors and frame-mounted batteries. While their design may not be striking, they provide a pleasing pedal-assist and have sufficient battery capacity. With a simple product lineup, Ancheer offers affordable options for those entering the world of electric bikes.

If electric bikes are good for one thing, it’s getting more people on bikes and in our opinion, more people on bikes can only be good for me, you and the rest of us.

Taking an electric bike as a form of transport to work. Riding an electric bike to pick up some food for a few days. Simply going for a pedal for fun, fitness or fresh air. The utility of electric bikes is wide-ranging and Ancheer aims to fill the desires of every rider with their range of budget e-bikes.

So are Ancheer e-bikes actually any good? Take five minutes and understand the brand and the bikes they sell.

Are Ancheer E-Bikes Good?

Ancheer e-bikes feature a tried and tested setup for budget electric bikes. A motor in the rear wheel hub and a battery mounted to the frame.

We’re not being unfair by saying that Ancheer electric bikes aren’t pulling up any trees in the design stakes. Visually they look like normal bikes with the addition of a battery and extra controls. Clearly, Ancheer hasn’t focussed on making their bikes look striking, like the current trend of funny frame angles, or e-bikes that look like motorcycles.

That said, do Ancheer e-bikes provide a pleasing push in pedal mode? Yes. Do they have a throttle for when you want to sit back and relax? Yes. Is the battery capacity sufficient enough to squeeze in a couple of bike rides before the bike needs charging again? Absolutely.

All Ancheer electric bikes are sold with a 1 year warranty and don’t break the $1,000 mark. Ultimately, if you are looking to enter the world of electric bikes, on a budget then Ancheer e-bikes fit the bill.

ancheer brand fact sheet

Is Ancheer a Good Brand?

The Ancheer website is basic. Both the product and lifestyle images populated on the website don’t have the highest quality and it’s difficult to see the exact details of the bikes on sale – a frustrating experience for the online shopper.

However, Ancheer does list all the key specifications of their electric bikes, plus their key features. More than enough for most people to consider a purchase.

Rather than multiple models with various different iterations, colours and sizes, Ancheer keep things simple. One electric bike designed for specific use, four in total. There’s a classic folding e-bike and a traditional electric mountain bike.

Would we list, The Fat Tire E-MTB on the list of best electric fat bikes, maybe, maybe not, but it’s certainly a fat tire e-bike in the more traditional sense of the phrase. Meanwhile, the brand’s fat tire folding e-bike, fits more modern design tastes, matching bikes like Engwe’s EP-2 Pro, which we reviewed here. It includes a powerful 500W motor and the battery is removeable for easy charging.

Where Are Ancheer Bikes Made?

It is difficult to determine exactly where Ancheer bikes are made, but a few clicks around their website lead us on a well-trodden, or should that be a well-ridden path. It looks as though the brand has a base in the US, Los Angeles, Californiaa to be exact, with manufacturing partners based in China and Taiwan.

Selling directly to customers via their website means Ancheer can keep their e-bikes as price competitive as possible. Without middlemen like distributors or retailers, Ancheer can be sold to customers without other people taking a slice of the profit.

If you are a customer shopping online for an e-bike in the USA, Ancheer’s shipping policy means that their products can be with you in around 3-7 working days after you place your order. According to their website, Ancheer has warehouses on both the East and West coast. Unfortunately, Ancheer doesn’t ship to residents in the states of Alaska, American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and APO/FPO addresses.

It’s good to see customers in the US offered the oppotunity to pay for an Ancheer electric bike monthly. Currently, Ancheer work with Klarna to make their e-bikes even more affordable.

For those in London, Paris or other locations throughout the UK and Europe, Ancheer electric bikes are sent from a holding warehouse in the Czech Republic. With the channel to cross and shipping issues post-Brexit, customers in the UK buying an Ancheer e-bike should expect delivery in a week or more.

Unfortunately Ancheer electric bikes aren’t available on the popular cycle to work scheme in the UK.

ancheer bikes product round up

Ancheer Bikes Review

Reviews of Ancheer electric bikes are thin on the ground, both on their own website and on other websites. Ancheer e-bikes have been sold on Amazon in certain countries though and judging by the wesbite of the e-commerce juggernaut, there are plenty of happy Ancheer customers around.

Most reviews of Ancheer electric bikes mention key factors like, “easy to ride” or “great for riding further and faster” – that brings back to how we started this article and how electric bikes are getting more people on two wheels. Well if that’s the case with Ancheer e-bikes, then their owners should ride home happy at the end of their working day.

Popular Ancheer Electric Bikes

We’ve produced an overview of popular Ancheer electric bikes below. Read the summary and check the price for each.

  1. ancheer a37 hummer in white background

    Traditional e-MTB

    Ancheer AE7 HUMMER 5874

    Packing a 500W motor, this e-bike is plenty powerful for riding on light off road jaunts. 21 gears give the bike more chance to spin the legs for fitness.

  2. ancheer folding commuter e-bike white

    Single-speed folder

    Ancheer Folding City Commuter E-Bike

    Rolling on 16″ wheels and with a single gear, this e-bike is for those living on flat terrain, in urban areas.

  3. ancheer fat tire electric mountain bike

    4″ tyres & supension fork

    Ancheer 26″ Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

    Available in two different frame colours, the fat tyres on this e-bike will roll over pretty much anything you care to throw at it.

  4. ancheer fat tire folding electric bike

    Utility and versatility

    Ancheer 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

    Featuring a pannier rack and lights this e-bike offers plenty of utility. Wide tyres and suspension fork offer riding versatility.

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