Allen Edmonds: The Perfect Dress Shoe For The Discerning Cyclist

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo

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Have you ever struggled to find dress shoes that fit your cycling lifestyle?

Enter the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo, a unique collaboration with Martone Cycling Co.

This shoe merges style and functionality, designed specifically for urban cyclists.

With features inspired by old-school cycling footwear and modern innovations, it’s set to redefine your commute.

What is the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo?

The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo is a reimagined version of the iconic Park Avenue Oxford, crafted specifically for urban cyclists.

It combines the elegance of a traditional dress shoe with practical features for cycling.

It was developed in collaboration with Martone Cycling Co. and offers both style and functionality, addressing common challenges urban bike commuters face.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo

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What Makes it Unique?

This unique pair of shoes stands out due to their blend of elegance and practicality.

Unlike typical dress shoes, it features a harness inspired by classic cycling footwear, providing secure foot placement on pedals.

The rubber soles ensure superior grip, making it ideal for urban cycling.

Additionally, it includes a leather strap to prevent pant legs from getting caught in the bike chain—a thoughtful touch for daily commuters.

These elements make the Park Avenue Velo not just a shoe, but a practical solution for stylish urban cyclists.

Each pair is priced at $450 and available directly from Allen Edmonds or Nordstrom.

Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Velo

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