Adidas adistar Pluvius Jacket – Review

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Autumn: it’s the season that never lets you down, it gets dark, leaves fall off trees, epic sun rises and sunsets and it rains… a lot! So you’ve got two options:

1)  Pack up your bike, put your kit in the bottom drawer and start hitting the gym forgetting all about your stead until March time.

2)  “Man/Woman up” get your stash in order and look forward to some crisp autumn rides, some wet ones and a super fit you come Christmas Day (apologies for mentioning the ‘c-word’ this early in October).

Accepting my fate, I had a quick look at last year’s kit and there’s a hole. For the past two seasons I’ve put up a with rain cape, that although keeps me dry (except for epic deluge) feels like you’re a roast chicken wrapped in foil to keep the moisture in (as well as rain out). Plus it balloons up like an unwanted parachute that would slow drag-cars at Santa Pod and, heck, my already average pace needs no slowing!

I make no secret of the fact I’m a fan of Adidas cycling stash. They kit out British Cycling riders, the Brownlee brothers use their stuff on the bike, and Team Sky used Adidas 2 years ago or so. It feels like the kit is designed by cyclists (or they get input from their pros who use it). It’s super functional and materials suit their purpose to a tee. The price is real good, but you won’t get a fancy badge on it. But trust me this stuff exudes quality (for example the mid-price Supernova bib uses a cytech chamois just like Assos and Rapha kit… but I digress).

Adidas adistar Pluvius Jacket

Enter the Adidas Adistar Pluvius Jacket. It’s a lightweight jacket, it’ll fold to go in your back pocket (although it’ll be snug), it’s watertight, stretchable – like a good quality jersey – but has vents, zips and bits and bobs to ensure excess heat can escape.

The quality is ‘primo’ and the fit is kind of racey (so no parachute… woohoo). There’s reflective ‘Adidas stripes’ up the arms, plus logos and tabs on the back that also reflect. It’s only available in black for men, but for ladies there’s a red one to boot. Cuffs are close fitting adding to that racey feel, while the seams are all taped up – keeping autumn and winter out.

For me, I’ll bob this in my back pocket, being stretchy it’ll go over my winter warmer, or my autumn fleece long sleeve, and if I get caught out will simply go over my jersey and be sized right. For those who go out in the rain regularly, commute or are looking for a proper waterproof, this is a great choice. You’re not going to arrive at work as a boil in the bag. Come on autumn, let’s have you!

This post was by Matt Bithell, “average cyclist for the Chester Road Club.”

Adidas adistar Pluvius Cycling Jacket

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