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750W Electric Bike Guide: Hills, Top Speed + More

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Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of transportation that combines the convenience of a bicycle with the power of an electric motor.

This article will guide you through the various aspects of 750W electric bikes, including their performance on hills, top speeds, and other important features. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a newcomer to the world of e-bikes, our breakdown should give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

So, whether you’re looking for a convenient mode of transportation for your daily commute or a fun way to explore the outdoors, let’s dive in.

Electric Bike Wattage Meaning

Electric bike wattage refers to the power output of the electric motor in an electric bike. It’s a measure of the motor’s strength and determines the level of assistance the bike provides when pedalling.

The wattage of an electric bike can range from 250W to over 750W, with higher wattage motors providing more power and therefore making it easier to tackle hills and headwinds. Understanding the wattage of an electric bike is important when choosing the right e-bike for your needs.

A higher wattage motor will usually result in a faster top speed, but also a shorter battery life. A lower wattage motor will provide less assistance but offer a longer range on a single charge. Note that these are generalisations and new technology has increasingly begun to offer riders the best of both worlds: long range with a powerful motor.

750W Electric Bike

A 750W electric bike is a type of e-bike that is equipped with a high-powered motor capable of generating 750 watts of power. These bikes provide significant assistance to riders when pedalling, making it easier to take on hills and nip through traffic.

750W electric bikes are often favoured by riders who want a faster, more efficient mode of transportation, and are suitable for daily commutes, leisure rides, and off-road adventures. However, it’s important to note that while a 750W motor offers a lot of power, it can also result in a shorter battery life.

Additionally, some countries and regions have regulations on the maximum power output of electric bikes, so you should check local laws before purchasing a 750W electric bike.

How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go?

Speed is one of the main reasons to purchase a 750W electric bike. People choose these machines because they are powerful, and they’re usually some of the fastest e-bikes on the market, far surpassing 250 watt and even 500 watt e-bikes. Top speed is more complex than it might at first seem, though, and is influenced by a wide range of factors.

750W E-Bike Top Speed

The top speed of a 750W electric bike varies depending on factors such as the bike’s weight, the load and the terrain. On average, a 750W electric bike can reach a top speed of around 28-32 mph on flat terrain with no wind resistance.

It’s a different story if you’re going uphill or over difficult terrain, because these factors can reduce top speed, sometimes quite dramatically. The load you’re carrying will also affect speed. If, for example, you’re carrying a lot of heavy items, the bike’s speed will naturally be reduced.

Remember, just because a 750W e-bike is capable of reaching high speeds, it does not mean that it’s always safe to do so. Always consider the conditions and your own riding ability before reaching maximum speed.

How Far Can a 750-Watt Electric Bike Go?

750W e-bikes can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge, but of course, this depends on a wide range of factors. It wasn’t always the case that such powerful bikes could enjoy such long ranges, but this is due to innovation in the field.

Once upon a time, the more powerful a bike, the shorter its range. A more powerful motor drains batteries quicker, sapping ranges and shortening rides.

Fortunately, the e-bike market is modernising quickly and manufacturers have found new ways to squeeze every last mile out of their batteries (and all without sacrificing power). Ranges like Engwe and Himiway manage to marry range with battery life, often with spectacular results.

750W E-Bike Range

The distance a 750-watt electric bike can travel, or its range, depends on several factors such as the battery capacity, load weight, terrain, and riding style. On average, though, a 750-watt electric bike can travel between 20-60 miles (30-100 km) on a single charge.

Factors such as riding on hills, high speeds, and carrying heavy loads can all reduce the range of an e-bike. It’s important to consider your needs and the type of riding you’ll be doing when choosing an electric bike, as well as to test the bike’s range before making a purchase.

Of course, the range of an electric bike can be increased (sometimes quite dramatically) by using pedal assistance and reducing the amount of time spent at very high speeds. Range is a balance act that e-bike riders have tuned into a fine art!


Can a 750W E-Bike Climb a Hill?

Electric bikes make notoriously short work of hills, and 750W motors are some of the best. A motor this size can transform an arduous uphill struggle into a breeze, opening the world up for riders and giving them more freedom.

Uphill riding puts more strain on the motor and drains battery power faster, though, decreasing range. Other factors like the quality of the terrain also come into play, but most casual riders should experience no trouble going uphill with a 750W motor.

750W Electric Bike Uphill

A 750W e-bike is more than capable of climbing hills, although the difficulty of the hill and the load carried will affect its performance. The 750W motor provides significant assistance when pedalling, making it easier to tackle steep inclines.

However, the battery life and range may be reduced when climbing hills, especially if the rider is carrying a heavy load or the hill is particularly steep. To maximise the e-bike’s performance when climbing hills, it’s important to use pedal assistance and maintain a consistent speed.

Additionally, using the right gear for the terrain can also improve the e-bike’s ability to climb hills. All that said, a 750W e-bike is well-suited for tackling hills, but you should always consider the conditions before attempting a particularly challenging climb.

Is 750 Watts “Enough” for an E-Bike?

750 Watts is a commonly used power rating for electric bikes. Whether this is “enough” depends on several factors such as individual use cases, terrain, and desired speed.

Generally, 750 Watts provides more than enough power for casual riders and for those who primarily ride on flat terrain. However, for heavier riders or those who frequently ride in hilly areas, a higher wattage motor may be necessary to maintain desired speeds and handle the additional strain.

Ultimately, the “enough” wattage for an e-bike varies from person to person and their specific riding needs. It’s important to consider your own riding style and terrain when selecting an e-bike with the appropriate power.

750W E-Bike Pros and Cons


  • Extreme pedal assist
  • Excellent for climbing hills
  • Will zip through traffic



  • More expensive
  • Limited battery life
  • More perilous for inexperienced riders

What is the Difference Between a 750w and 1000w Electric Bike?

The main difference between a 750w and 1000w electric bike lies in the power of the motor. A 750w electric bike has a motor that provides 750 watts of power, while a 1000w electric bike has a motor that provides 1000 watts of power.

This means that a 1000w electric bike can reach higher speeds and climb steeper hills. However, this also means that a 1000w electric bike requires more energy to operate, which can result in shorter battery life. 1000w electric bikes are also usually more expensive and heavier than their 750w counterparts.

When choosing between a 750w and 1000w electric bike, it is important to consider your riding needs and preferences. If you are looking for an electric bike that can handle more challenging terrain, then a 1000w electric bike may be the better option.

However, if you are looking for an electric bike that is more cost-effective and has a longer battery life, then a 750w electric bike may be the way to go.

750W vs 1000W eBike Comparison

750 Watt E-Bike1000 Watt E-Bike
Excellent for commutingBrilliant for tackling hills/rough terrain
Range/power compromiseDecreased range
Lower priceMore expensive

Best 750w Electric Bikes [Top 3 Picks]

The Himiway Long Range

The all-powerful Himiway Long Range bike represents the best of both worlds. It packs a massive punch with its 750 watt motor but also manages to deliver an enviable range of up to 60 miles. That makes it ideal for nearly any purpose, whether you want to commute to work or embark on a longer weekend trip.

The bike is bulky, of course, but its fat tires make for comfortable rides across even the roughest terrain. A maximum speed of 25 mph and a lightweight aluminium frame make it ideal for the open road. The bike is nimble despite its size and a sturdy rear rack means that you’ll be able to carry anything (it has a 350lb payload capacity so you won’t need to worry about excess weight). Even the charge time is attractively short at just 6-7 hours.

The Himiway packs a lot of tech onto its dashboard, too. A multifunctional display shows everything from battery capacity to a wattmeter and odometer. All this comes at a cost, of course. This bike is a high-end model with a high-end price tag, so expect to pay appropriately.

Velowave Prado 2.0

An updated version of the previous model, the Prado 2.0 delivers a smooth ride backed by the enormous power and a top speed of up to 28 mph. It doesn’t quite deliver the same range as some of the other 750 watt offerings on the market, but 45 miles on a single charge is more than enough to see you through the daily commute and some more adventurous weekend trips.

Much like the other e-bikes here, it comes with chunky tires to smoothen out your ride and make short work of even rough terrain. The battery also comes with “fast charge” technology, so it can be 80% powered in just 4 hours.

You can keep the price down by forgoing some of the optional extras or go all out and order the bike with an additional battery and front/rear baskets. Whatever you opt for, Velowave is renowned for its high build quality and long-lasting components, making it a great investment.

Rad Power Bikes RadRhino

The Rad Power Bikes RadRhino is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a versatile yet reliable bike. Its 750W motor provides ample power to tackle steep hills and rough terrain, while the large tires and sturdy frame make for a smooth and comfortable ride: a fantastic combination!

The bike has a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge, and the ability to customise the amount of pedal assist makes it easy to find the perfect balance between effort and electric power. It is also well-equipped with features like a full-colour display, integrated lights, and a cargo rack, making it an ideal choice for commuting or exploring.

The build quality is impressive and the customer service from Rad Power Bikes is top-notch. In short, the RadRhino 750W is a fantastic investment for anyone in need of an electric bike that’s versatile enough to tackle any challenge.

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