6 Stylish Essentials for Commuting in October

Light is fading. Leaves are turning. Breeze is chilling. 

But despite the impending doom of winter, October is one of the most beautiful months of the year – and one of my favourites for commuting.

To help you get through the month in comfort and style, here are Discerning Cyclist’s top picks for riding in style.

Stylish Cycling Gear: October Edition

[1] LIVALL BH51M Bluetooth Helmet (£149):: Lights, indicators, speakers, microphone… and it protects your noggin! [FULL REVIEW]

Get 10% off at LIVALL with discount code “DISCERNING CYCLIST“.

[2] PROVIZ Reflect360 (from £79/$95): There’s no missing you in this highly reflective cycling jacket.

LINKS: Men’s Jacket | Women’s Jacket

[3] Rapha Crew Neck Merino Knit (£120/$165 ): Rapha city style at its finest – with some subtle nods your love of cycling. Those who know, know.

Men’s Jumper | Women’s Alternatives

[4] Chrome Industries Madrona 5-Pocket Pant (£120/$120): Stretchy, water-resintant pants that look great. Oh, and deep pockets. [FULL REVIEW]

Men’s Pants | Women’s Pants

[5] Vessi Waterproof Weekend Shoes ($155): No more soggy paws.

Men’s Shoe | Women’s Shoe

[6] Foldylock Compact (£65/$85): A Sold Secure silver-rated folding lock that weighs in at just 1kg. [FULL REVIEW]

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