How to Claim Your £50 Bike Repair Voucher from the UK Government in 4 Steps

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  1. Grant Shapps says:

    It’s biz the website doesn’t work. Usual shambolic government laughing stock.

  2. Peter Wells says:

    I would rather fix my bike my self and get better value for money; I can’t afford to pay for labour costs.The government should have allowed the use of the voucher to buy parts from registered dealers. As with the restaurant discount scheme this will benefit people with money not the ones who need help.

  3. Natasha Scullin says:

    No success after 2 days trying. Really would benefit from this voucher as i did begin to go out on by bike and my pedal got damaged and fell off and i was loving the bike rides as i got too nervous running in the park but felt my bike gave me the excercise i needed with ease of avoiding others

  4. Ian Sabin says:

    Cant login to energy trust site for voucher it says I need an account

  5. Andy says:

    getting passed from pillar to post ! there probably was no free £50 voucher!!!

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